Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lately in April

Hello April,  
 photo cd39b5b9-29fb-4c6d-b0ed-5947eb3f0b0e.jpg
My new watch
 photo 12a5486d-02ec-4931-a43b-b675577b1eca.jpg
Love the print art on it
 photo f019cc7d-9fa5-44f5-bda4-3af98301ce53.jpg
New body mist from Playboy
 photo f66b6ca8-5b8b-4618-8a09-8075c5b159ea.jpg
Play it lovely, huh?

 photo 05d8d9c8-0f4e-4110-afa8-c814bd7c203a.jpg
Melted Brownies
 photo 567f5683-c06e-4266-b3ab-3b2710074e0d.jpg
 photo 478cfbcb-bb5e-4db6-9c67-d4b1ae4e42ad.jpg
Tuna Aglio Olio
 photo e3bb1ae5-8841-4273-8c3f-c1f1aee93af3.jpg
Chocolate lava cake at GrandHill on our last getaway
 photo 1e766d4e-8477-4c7c-8de7-b8a6a507bdc2.jpg
I looveee my bedroom new corner

Please be nice always


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