Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Toy

Lotus has a new friend! finally i decided to get myself a new camera. It doesn't mean i'm not satisfied with Lotus but sometimes i need to carry something that fits with my tote bag and slr isn't friendly enough to it. Plus i never have a pocket camera before ( my OWN property i mean). 

 photo c4f9b6e4-975b-4d7c-b8e0-1931b7b32772.jpg
Say hello to Galaxy
 photo 7cb7a338-2afd-4ae0-920e-f4830e05041b.jpg

 photo 3746124a-50b8-49d3-83b2-abf679981c63.jpg
Zooming until 21x optical
 photo 246d28b1-8544-4929-8ca6-5cb8b4c05650.jpg
Camera and Tablet in one package
Now i can take a photo and directly upload it to any social media. This camera has a 3G and wi-fi support so we can browsing, texting, send email and do anything like other Smartphone can do (except make a call)

 photo a238ebb4-f0a5-4ae3-b0fb-ffe7c05be5b4.jpg
Welcome to family
 and one of the result

 photo 49f7999c-f2b4-4727-bd41-db428119d68f.jpg
i am using macro fitur
Yeeaaayy,,let's play around Galaxy!



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