Saturday, July 13, 2013

Long Lost Love

Say hello to my long lost love, still life photos. I dont have any proper object to be captured, so Rayhan toys became my victim this time.

 photo 41e81449-69ab-4eee-b192-e9aad896b10e.jpg

 photo 622965e7-c245-42cf-8cfb-9f4f3fe88840.jpg

 photo fd81813b-4c3b-43dc-bbf8-f08170e236fb.jpg

 photo 01d4285e-8eda-45a5-8145-6baa4ddd2783.jpg

 photo 64bba9c7-0584-47d9-a4ac-caa246640013.jpg

is anyone can tell why the animals always being a baby or kids theme? lol

Anyway, my birthday has already passed more than a month ago and GP gave the birthday present couple days ago (dont blame him for that. Rayhan has taken our whole attention)

 photo a3f78ed0-6064-45ee-a543-68866c2d3231.jpg

 photo 7ccd6969-df98-4d33-a72e-a9e4aacdec21.jpg

 photo f59f3c39-5365-4240-ba03-f486dab3626d.jpg

It's just something that i really really need right now. a wallet. Thank You so much, GP.



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