Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Best Present

aahh i cant believe i am 28 this year. 

Based on USG screening, Rayhan supposed to be born on June 8th 2013. a day before my birthday. I always wondering what if both of us could be born on the same day (thing that my father did not really know, he's a Javanese) and Rayhan seems like having the same feeling with his grandpa so he decided to knock my belly and said "hey mommy, i want to see the world now" so there he was. Hold our hands with his tiny little fingers on May 30th 2013.

...My life is just perfect

But still, Rayhan is the best early birthday present ever in my life :)

 photo 0b31cdcf-99b0-42eb-a02b-9f3904464afd.jpg

 photo 56d17c8b-6d12-4a97-b9bb-cadcd35afc56.jpg

 photo 799d23a4-9b76-48df-a672-b96fdf121e01.jpg

 photo fc10cf4d-02e9-4c1f-b0b2-7f3667185aee.jpg

I Love You to the moon and back..

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