Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lovely Things

I've got my photography's mood back. Been playing around with my Lotus and trying new tutorial for editing my photos. So, which one is better? the bright one? vintage? soft?. I bring my Lotus on our short getaway to Puncak (again) and this time we came along with my family. Had late lunch at Melrimba Garden and dinner at Cimory Riverside. Great!! i forgot my sugar and carbo diet (cursing this dmg!!)

Neighbour's roses. Beautiful, are they?
Marry me! by Lanvin
Hubby's Zippo

Potato Wedges
Waffle in Melrimba Garden 
New things. Dress from clothinc-shop and flat from flatsforjade
My star collection and new sock from Korea
and my favourite. Bokeh.Bokeh.Bokeh


  1. Beautiful pictures! <3
    Go check out my blog? (:



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