Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Month

It's july 18th. Means me and GP had been married for a month. So how's it been like? Uuummm,,nice.Haha,,it was yesterday.We'd separated hundred miles away and we were chatting on yahoo messenger when I realized that day was 17. I screamed (by text of course since i was at the office) 
Me  : "ya ampuuunnnnn" 
GP  : "kenapa ta?" 
Me  : "Ini tanggal 17 looohh,,brarti kita sebulan nikah,ta" 
GP  : "hahaha" 
Me : "selamat 1 bulan suami ku,,semoga pernikahan kita selalu berkah buat seterus nya..amiinn ya rabb" 
GP  :"amin" 
That's it.That is the result of being in a relationship for 9 years versus 1 month marriage.LOL
see my hubby face. Even on our big day, he kept his clown face.

I Love You, GroovyPeople.


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