Sunday, April 22, 2012

Inside the Star

Woaaa,,finally watch a movie. 21 Jump Street was pretty good.At least GP didn't fall asleep during the (Just be patient dear,we'll get the Battleship next week). By the way, i grabbed my Lotus this morning and produce some shots. And to be honest i dont really like the result. Lately, i just feel like, i lost my passion for photograph.It doesn't mean i dont like it anymore.I just have no idea what to shots, less care to my slr and (lil bit) unfamiliar anymore with photoshop. I could spent many hours in front of my notebook just for playing around with photoshop back then.But now, open up the laptop is the rarely thing to do in my every day.I'm using my smartphone for daily browsing and it's definitely not for photoshop-ing thingies for me.Beside, i was quite busy with many things that makes my Lotus became less priority now.Poor my baby.I promise we'll get along together again until all the must-to-do things get DONE. Can't wait.
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New baby.Found this at kids store.
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Oopps.What's this?

To be continued...

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