Saturday, December 25, 2010

The List

I've told you that i dont like making a what-i-have-to-do lists, that's why i dont have any accomplished list to be listed.But lets write some good things that happened during 2010 : 
  1. My job's getting more, i have to admit that though it's kinda boring (sometimes) but it's fun. Of course, it's getting tough day by day, getting stressful but over all it's great.  
  2. (at last) Bought Blackberry for helping my job (oh well, i gotta be's all because most of my clients always asking 'do you have BB?' and somehow it makes me feels dumb when i said 'No' so i decided to bought that thing (great!! i spent my one month salary to bought it but thank GOD, my dad was kinda nice for providing subsidies)  
 3.  Bought My Baby Lotus and i love her to death (oh dont need to mention that i am NOT complaining for spent my saving for Lotus. It's a different story)


 4. Had a Trip. I love Budapest and Vienna.  


5. Received my very first bouquet for the very first time in my life and it's kinda funny because it wasn't coming from my lovely boyfriend. My office-mate gave those roses as my 25th birthday present.

New hope (if can't say resolution) for 2011 :
  1. Get a new challenge in my career life.
  2. Doing more excersice (Read : sport thingy)
  3. Drink less coffee and eat less chicken skin.  OK. stop order chicken-skin when buy chicken porridge and DONT keep instant-coffee in office-desk!!
  4. Drink more mineral water and consume more vegetables and fruits.
  5. Get a new trip!
Oh well these are not like resolution i guess, it just something usual to do. Whatever. Told you i dont like making a list.Teheeee. I only wish for all good and fit things in me.In every way. 
Oh Hey, It's Dec 25th already people (it's 1.05am based on my notebook time)
.Merry Christmas for those who celebrate. Wish You all a Merry Happy Xmas.

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