Saturday, July 10, 2010

Welcome July

Oh well, this is not a welcoming July actually. Because Yes. I skip the June. which is my favorite month of the year. My notebook was dead, well not literally DEAD but something error had been happened with that thing and i can't type any single word for keeping my blog 'alive'. Beside i just had no idea what should i write though i have millions story to share.

June was nice. Oh well of course. June is my month. I turned 25!! yes. My birthday was on 9th June and It was a simple birthday. I am not a birthday person to be honest and the only thing i always realize when i grow older every year is a GIFT. No, not a gift = present but gift = Bless. I feel blessed because GOD still giving me a chance to live this life in every way. Because for me, Birthday is not about how many people saying a happy birthday for us, how much present we receive from companions nor about how we are going to be treated as a 'birthday person' privilege's.

But Birthday is about Thanking to GOD. Thanking for the time that GOD has been gave during our before-birthday-life and how we can maintain the belief that GOD has given to us. As i always said. I am not a perfect human. Too many doing mistakes but as i getting mature, i try to see every thing in this world from any kind perspectives so i will not trapped in the same place for doing the same bad thing anymore.

Okay. Enough for the reflection. So my life after what-it-called Birthday is exciting. I am getting more comfortable with all. Job, Love Life, Friends, Everything. And i hope there are several good thing will also come. Amin. And I've got something to tell. I finally have my own 'baby'. Wait, No. It's not a truly baby. It is something that i want so bad since forever. Yes. a DSLR. The best thing : i bought it with my own money. Sadly, i've got no much time for playing with her.Yet. I even only touch her on weekend, hope i have enough time for utilize her soon.

I brought her last weekend along my morning walk around my place and here's some of the result :

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.I love my new baby.

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