Sunday, May 30, 2010

Little Reminds of (me) Life

Every soul has its own journey of their lifes and it is so amazing to knew that we have been through so many step of life. From a baby become a teenager and turns to be an adult one. We will not be able to repeat the time that has passed. Those will remain as a memories. Couple days ago i have found my childhood photo album and when i see these, my mind just like back to the days when i was a child. One thing i am so curious about : how could my hair changed into a straight
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Sometimes, i think about what i have to done during my whole life. Have i made something good? Do i have to be a nice person? aahhh..those question had been stayed in my head and it seems to be forever. Well, looking back to the memories always gives us the feeling of a good way.
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