Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Part I Dislike

It's been almost a month since i met him. Sometimes, i feel likes there is a change from this relationship. I never mean to be a spoiled one but for truth, i don't like long distance relationship. We don't really do it literally. He just stays there for temporary. But still, something has changed. It seems like we live in our own world, separately. We did communicate by phone and messenger but without his presence around me, it is different. I told him about my activities and he did too. I listening about his problems and so he did. I told him that i miss him and he missed me too. I asked him to back home quick and he said he wish he could. that's all. Nothing's special. I cried in silence sometimes.

I miss him. I do really miss him.
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I want to hold his hand and walking around with him on my side. We've been through this for almost a year. I knew i have to be patient. I am.He doing a good thing and i'll always support him in my own way. but is it wrong if i wanted him to be here at my side?
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Actually, this is one by one self-portraits. I edited it. We are in the same place when these photos  were taken but in different frame.hehe.can you see its manipulation?

 So, if time is indeed running, i want to immediately run to the day where i could meet him.My precious person.

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