Sunday, February 7, 2010


Happy WeekEnd, friends
So, since my silly boy is still out of town *sigh*,,i spent the saturday with my mom. Went to the mall after accompany her attending some gathering with her friends. Had Japanesse cuisine for lunch. Yummy!! 
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Then, picked up my dad at the airport. Yiaayy,,finally, i had my chance to tried Toni Jack`s,,xp

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As my dad went due to his work, he didnt have much time for shopping but he bought me this cute bag. Anw, My niece got lot presents than me. My dad told us that the first thing came in his mind when he was shop is looking something for Olel.Haha.Oh no!! i have a rival
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well, anything that comes about family always gives us the feeling of blessing. Reminding us that there is always a circle of people who always open their gates with an open arms to accept us in no matter what. Happy weekend to u all.

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