Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Weekend

Lately, i dont have any interesting story to tell. Things are just fine and running as normal as it could be. But doing nothing for my blog wouldnt sound nice for So i was read back then what i used to write on my previous posts and i found that i have never write about movie review anymore. So i think am gonna give it again. Here they are my latest movies-watch on 2010:
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Avatar - Actually i dont think it is necessary to watched the movie in 3D version. Yeah i know isnt mainstream opinion since mostly people thought it was a very great movie. It is. Indeed. But maybe because this is not my favorite genre of movie.
Sherlock Holmes - Oh i loves this movie. Me likey. No need to say more. sstt,,i was actually a bit dissapointed when i knew it goes to Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes. But he was good. So i wont complaint.
Hari Untuk Amanda - When i watched this movie, i was like teheeee almost similar with my love life. Not the whole story of couse but some point of them. So me and my silly boy cant stop smiling at each other with a i-know-what-you-thinking sees. ps : actually, the director and the scriptwriter are our high-school friends xp.
Today, i went out with my family. And this is our first hangout with new member of our family (to the mall to be precisely). Haha,,Aurel has already two months so finally my dad gives a permit for her to join with us.

Thats it for today, i wish u all a gorgeous day for tomorrow. Keep the spirit comes with us for facing the world. Always. Kiss.

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