Friday, January 1, 2010

First post in 2010

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I can't believe we were just leaving the wonderful 2009 and starting this hopeful 2010 ahead. i just simply loves 2009 since I have got so many good things during this year,,just want to gives some highlights that has already done in 2009:
1. Graduating my master in finance.
2. Got my very first permanent job (and also first salary which is coming from a REAL job).
3. Changing my cellphone with the one I would (not really) love,,=9
4. Create account in Blogger,,lol
5. Having my very first niece : Nayaka Aurelia Aranti
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6. Making a circle of new friends,,lots of fun!!
7. Spent more couples of times with my old good friend back in Balikpapan.

I actually don’t really like making the what-I-have-to-do lists because I realize I am not an achievable-target person. Things are just lost when I am hardly into it. So I prefer to leave it. I have my wishes but not so hard to achieve those things. Judging I am a no ambition one could be in my tolerate. I always have a dream and put my hopes with prays and efforts in it. thats enough for me. But of course am facing 2010 with lots of new resolution of mine. I didn’t even have one flight for going somewhere on last 2009. No plane, no train nor even car trip and it was lil bit upset. Got it? Yes. No holiday trip during last year, except if you mention a short trip to Bandung is a holiday. It was sad because I literally have lots of free times last year, specially during January – August. But I was being push in obligation due to my thesis and hunting for jobs. Also my dad was so busy with his works (he could spents 12 hours even more in his office every day).

So, this 2010 I wish I could have my super fun holiday trip and it has been planned in my head for many times since I am having my own money now (Alhamdulillah). So,,saving saving saving is in my top list. My cousin say something about going to Budapest on next July and ask me to join with them. What da??? I haven’t my annual leave.yet. so I cant come with them on JULY. I was got my job on end of August, so I just could having my leave period after that. My parent just simply says ok, we are going without you,then.thanks mom,dad,,what a nice says of you. Yeah,,whatever. I just need a holiday trip. To where isn’t that important. Even Jogja would be sound nice for me (or Balikpapan maybe,,=p).
I also wish for my job. Hope i could always be in the right track and making a good performance and giving contribution for them. The rest are common things. Religious thingy, family, relationship, health, cares and everything. Amin.

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