Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Journey

One of my friend who like to dropping by and read my blog asked me about my previous post. He thought that i had broke up or something with my silly boy. Well,,sometimes we always have a willingness to end our journey that we may think we couldn't afford to reach the destination. we couldn't step and even walk on the road anymore. It's normal i guess. I was in a hard, difficult and complicated situation on that time. I was crying. Yes i did. And that stupid thought to just simply want-to-end my 6 years relationship was pop up in my mind. Everyone having their own type tough problem which always came again and again regularly even when its about what other might think 'it's a peanut' and i was one of people point of. I am a stubborn type. Indeed. Childish. Yes i am. Worst : egoistic at the same time. And our journey is not getting better because we both are being in not-so-long-distance-relationship right now. I always miss him everytime we were separated. I was overjoyed and happy when he was home and we finally meet. But there's always a gravel in our meet up and soon it became a conflict.
Deep down inside our heart, we knew that we do love each other more than we may expect about it. Eventho we have a quite different characters. Eventho we did a lot of fights and making lots of argument and eventho we had million difference perceptions about anything in this world. But who needs a perfect thing when you realized you are having a word called 'Love'?
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Despite the fact that i'll probably ruin something when we catch up each other. I'm still miss him. Come home quick,taaaaa,,,

Friday, October 2, 2009

Million Prays For Them

My Deep Condolence For Our Brothers and Sisters In Padang, Jambi and also Bengkulu


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