Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Angels and Demons

Hey Everyone,,

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ehehehe,,got watched it last monday *after we had ruined for watch it on last saturday*,,I never read Angels and Demons novel but i enjoyed that movie so much. ah well it's good to seeing The Vatican city on that movie *i had been there 3 years ago,,and Basilica St.Petrus was absolutely gorgeous*,,The Da Vinci Code is having more complicated stories than Angels and Demons *in my opinion*,,even i had read that Da Vinci Code novel before i watched it, i still confused with the path story and couldn't remember all those name of creatures made. And for me who didn't read that Angels novel before, i just couldn't guess who's the evil one. I thought Ewan McGregor is really innocent and the Kardinal Strauss is the bad one *hoho,,i was deceived with his gesture and expression* after all,,i love it so much.
Now i just can't wait for Harry Potter and the half blood prince and Transformer 2

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


What is your fave view of nature? beach?mountain?sea?or else? mine is sky,I always love to seeing a blue skies with its creamy clouds and even when it turns into the orange one on the evening. I like to text or call my bf just to say "ta,,langit nya lagi bagus banget deh" ahahaha,,and can't stand to capture it with my phonecam.


Mmhh,,the first pic was taken by my dad, the sunset on the beach was my bf and the rest was mine *taken from my balcony room* no photoshop except for the watermark of course *i want to show how trully beautiful it was* aren't they gorgeous? i think i will upload the retouch series just to compare which one its should be more catchy,,haha,,but i'm not gonna posted on this blog, i will upload on my photoblog but not now*i'm not in the mood for editing right now*
Hey, i've just create a new account on,,ahahaha,,actually it similar with photoblog or flickr but yeaahh i'm just curious with that one. I don't know what's the better part of its than photoblog/flickr, haven't explore it much yet. All i know is u can only upload one photo for each day except u upgrade it into the gold one then u can have six each day,,weeekksss!! What's the point of having it then?hihi,,well yeah i have to explore it more later, maybe i'll find the part. 
Ok,,have to off to bed now,,Nite everyone.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

SnowBay Waterpark

I had The SnowBay Waterpark today and mmhh,,it was a lil bit dissapointed *not as i expect when i read the brocure*,,hehe,,well maybe it caused of the unfinished built yet. When we arrived, there're still many workers whose doing their jobs. It's similar with Ocean Park with many animal statues which places around the area. Some of attractions haven't yet ready to use. Only two slides were available. I only tried one,,haha,,i'm to scared to tried the other. My bf said its pumping his heart so fast *thank's GOD i didn't*. The attraction named flush bowl, you will spinning for some moment after you've got sliding from 12 meters high and then you will get down into the pond. Actually, it's not the bowl that makes me scared of, it's more because of the slide *it was full closed slide and only for one person which was a bit close and dark,,have i mentioned before i can't stand being in the dark place and worst it was close?*,,i've had similar slide in Waterbom *without the bowl* and i didn't like it at all,,it was fun actually but yeah i hate being in dark place. i just couldn't breath well. so i just saw my bf did,,haha,,he said it was great. well, you guys should try it. Don't be such a coward like me,,hehehe,,and the wave pool was pretty nice.
Mmhh,,well yeah,,we would like to go there again about 2 or 3 months ahead. Hopefully all the attractions will be done. I really want to try Hurricane, it's kinda like a flush bowl but we can use tube and it's for up to 4 person whereas flush bowl only for one and no tube. Beside, i still have the free pass ticket,,hoho,,oh yeah,,the current price is idr30.000,,actually the real price according to the brocure is idr 99.000 for monday-friday and idr 120.000 for saturday,sunday and holiday but because it's still soft launching they gives some discount.
Oh,,we've also got the SnowBay sticker for free. The parking man asked my boy whether he could put the sticker onto my bf's car and my bf said 'yes',,but you know what? after we've arrived to my home, my silly boy just simply pulling it back,,heh!
We had Ta-wan as our evening snack,,oh yeah,,we both loves Ta-wan.Haha,,not important news. Ok,that's it for today,,Nite everyone!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Movie time

Today i went to gading with my bf and we were watching Crank:High Voltage and i REALLY hate that movie,,i mean i knew it was an action movie because i had the first last 3 years ago but i never got an idea why this sequel is kinda like a dumb *ok,,sorry for the maker*. well,,i couldn't stop closing my eyes everytime it shows a fighting scenes, my bf kept asking me to go out from the theather if i'm not enjoy it but i still said 'it's ok,,i can control it'. but i'm so annoyed with the cartoon symbol and the actor's stupid dream which were pop up in the movie. ok,,never mind. forget about it,,hey, i can't wait fot Transformer 2!! i saw the trailer and really want time flies to the premier,,hoho,,
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Mmhh,, i usually go to the cinema at weekday lately,,with my bf ofcourse. we seldom have a saturday nite dating now cuz he always out of town at that time. oh well,,we fight a lot yesterday,,i'm so pissed off with him because of an irrelevan things,,haha,,woman!!hah,,bad me. oh,,i'm starting to continue my scrap book,,i bought it on 2003 or 2004 and never give my time again with it. so i'll give it try. just wait for the next.
Ooh,,i'm getting bored being jobless,,hahaha,,i know i shouldn't act like this even some of my friends whose had their graduate ceremony haven't got a job too but yeah,,i just feel unproductive and i don't like it at all. Mmhh,,i'm going to SnowBay Waterpark on next thursday with my bf. My uncle was giving me and all my cousins some free ticket. I have 4 tickets, my sister has a 6 and she's allowed me to uses hers cuz she's not allowed to swim *she's pregnant now*,,i'm going to take my friends later.
Ok,,gotta off to bed now,,nite everyone,,


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