Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm really into Wolverine!!

Hey Everyone,,
Have u guys watch x-men origin's: Wolverine? i have had it today,,and i really loves it!! that's why i'm gonna find out the x-men 1 and 2 movies through the internet *my bf kinda tired to answer all my questions about x-men thingy so i think i have to find out by meself*. I only had watched the 3rd so there's still many things i wanna know. Haha,,actually i'm not interested in watching kind of heroes movies unless i literally watch it. fyi, i felt so terrible when my bf taking me to watch Transformer but after that, i had it twice on 21 cineplex and millions time when its played on HBO!! When i finally watched x-men 3: the last stand, i really wants to have the other sequel but i'm not make it yet. Buuuttt,,after i watch this wolverine,,well yeah i must really spend my times for it.

Picture : Google

Hoho,,soooo i'm not gonna write too long because i have x-men 1 and 2 waiting for me,,see yaaa,,

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today's post

Salah satu hal bagus yang bisa didapat ketika pergi bersama orangtua adalah u can get anything u want for free!! Hehehe,,hari ini saya dan keluarga ke mall. Abis makan trus ke toko buku. Hohoho,,enak nya bisa milih buku sesuka hati. Just pick anything i want, a bit effort to convince my mom that its a good book and in the next moment, its all mine. daaann tadi saya menemukan tempat henpon lucu, sebenernya c saya bukan tipe orang yang suka pakai2 bgituan. Agak ribet aja. But i just couldn't resist this one :

Hoaaahh,,lucu yaa,,only idr35000 for keep two cellphones. Sebenernya tadi ada dua model,,bahan suede gitu, ada gambar2 bintang,kucing,bulan sama rumah di sekelilingnya. Bingung. Tapi kata nyokap bokap bagusan yang ini jadi ya sudah.
Oh iya, tadi di mall sempet liat orang pakai baju dengan tulisan 'BIKE TO WORSE' huweee,,kecele!! saya pikir pertama nya 'Bike To Work' seperti komunitas yang ada selama ini. Hihi,,tapi saya sempet mikir ga salah juga c orang bikin tulisan seperti itu. Soalnya kan tau sendiri gimana 'begajulan'nya motor, mobil *apalagi angkot* di Jakarta. PokokNya kaya yang punya jalan aja deh. Nyempil sana, nyempil sini, salip sana, salip sini apalagi kalo udah ngambil jalur orang lain. Jadi yaaa,,pengguna jalan minoritas seperti sepeda pasti bakal 'kelibas' sama mereka. Padahal tujuan komunitas 'Bike To Work' naik sepeda kan bagus ya? untuk mengurangi polusi udara, mengurangi kemacetan dan pasti nya bikin sehat badan. Saya c ga nyalahin orang-orang yang prefer naik mobil kemana-mana *Saya dulu ke kampus naik angkot loh, kadang-kadang aja saya bawa mobil* soalnya selain karena transportasi di Jakarta kurang memadai, iklim di Indonesia memang kurang mendukung. Selama ini kita ngeliat orang di luar negeri suka naik sepeda dan transportasi umum kemana-mana kan selain karena fasilitas nya memadai, iklim mereka juga kondusif. Indonesia kan memang negara tropis jadi wajar kalo masyarakat kita enggan naik sepeda. Boo,,sampe kantor/kampus dengan bermandikan keringat? well,,jujur aja saya c rada males,,hehe,,mandi di kampus? haduuuhhh!! Tapi kalo di Luar Negeri yang punya iklim lebih sejuk di bandingin Indonesia? yaa,,mereka mah nyantai2 aja naik sepeda ato public transportation. Saya juga mau naik sepeda kemana-mana kalo tinggal di luar negeri. Misalnya aja negara-negara di Eropa. Disana mereka menyediakan jalur khusus untuk pengguna sepeda dan kursi roda loh. Ini yang saya temui waktu saya jalan-jalan ke sana 3 tahun yang lalu.

Tuh,,enak kan? dan asik nya c mereka taat banget tu sama jalur-jalur yang uda diterapin ini. Eh, foto ini yang ambil ayah saya loh,,hihi,,agak sedikit ada bayangan kaca soalnya moto nya dari dalam bis.
Well,,a good weather and proper public transportation. Jadi saya c ga terlalu menyalahkan masyarakat Jakarta kalau kemana-mana mereka lebih milih naik mobil atau motor pribadi. Mungkin emang pemerintah DKI Jakarta ni yang harus putar otak lebih keras gimana cara nya bisa bikin transportasi di Jakarta lebih memadai lagi. Kalo soal iklim? wah,,itu c masalah alam dan nasib,,kenapa juga kita tinggal di negara tropis. Hehehe,,
Ok!! This is the end of my today's report.

Friday, April 24, 2009

What will happen in 2012???

Hey Everyone,,

Okay,,i've changed my header once again,,hihi,,Now my blog is look soooo pinky. Gosh,,i never thought before i upload that those photos would fits with this page and when i'm done with the header, i just click save and see my current page and tadaaaaaa,,what a gorgeous combination,isn't it? mmhh,,actually pink is not my fave color and for truth, i don't have any. My room was full with purple things just because i bought the stuffs to matched its with the wall color. I once read on some magazines that purple was a good tone for coloring your wall room. it makes u feel comfort and hommy and that's good for your sleeping time *mmhh,,i think that's why i always feel sleepy in my room,,can't even study well*

Mmh,,what else? Today i went to campus with Ovie, finishing our paper and ppt for mentoring presentation and then visited our friend who got hospitalized in PGI Hospital. My bf still in out of town, he said that he'll come home on next monday or tuesday. Huff,,i literally going alone without him tomorrow. I think i will call my friend or just spent my day at home with my family. Have no idea. Hey,,i've got my mood for editing's back. After a long time break for photoshop, i played around again with it and i guess my style for edited has changed. well,,i always love vintage and retro style *eventhough i'm not a good at photoshop* but sometimes i'd just love something bright and clear buuuttt in the mean time i currently crazy for something soft, clean and *still* a bit touch of vintage and i just realize for real that bokeh will make the photos softer,,haha,,never noticed before, though i use it million times. Thanks for my bf who has shot some bokeh in his photoshots and kept those too in my file. So i can use it into my photos. i really wants to make a good photo with dslr but unfortunately i haven't one. well, i can use my brother-in-law's *he always drop his camera in his box cuz he uses company's gear* but yeah,,i really wants my own. Hopefully i can have it someday with my own money.

Ah,,I've got an interesting story to tell. Do you know about 2012 rumours? well, i bet u know. One of my friend was totally freaking about it. She can't stop thinking about what the worst thing will be happened at that time. She sent me many links *when we were chat on YM**me and ovie* today that she even couldn't let it go so i wanna write something from my opinion. about this rumours since couple months ago. She even bought a book titled "2012" and after she watched 'knowing' she's become more afraid. I thought she had let it by but her bf just told us

Well, i'm afraid too for truth when the first time i heard about that rumours. But i just thought that if we always kept our mind about that things, we can't make a step, we can't move, we can't stop being afraid and all the terrible, freak and worst things will always haunting us. So i just take a deep breath and let it all go. I mean,,we all afraid. we do. After all the facts and all the sign which came in around lately. The global warming, the floods, the tsunami, the earth-quake and the mountain explosion. But do we all know for sure what will happened next? Nope. No one will ever know for sure though they are a fortune-teller. Yeah,,we don't doubt about all the prediction that fortune-teller made and when it's literally coming for real. But can we just thought about the positivity? I just thought that it's all GOD's plan and GOD could change it whenever GOD want. Maybe GOD want us, human creature to change. To become more care to earth. GOD sent all the signs to aware people, to reminder that GOD want us to protect all the GOD creatures. Earth, plants, animals, sea, mountain, florest and etc. Wasn't all the disaster lately happened because human error? It's all because us. Human's hand. We are bad. We makes all the pain. We makes earth cries. We kill the animals ilegally. We burn the florest for build some building, for factory. We all creates pollution. We explored all the nature's production without caring them anyway. GOD's angry because we are all selfish. We only thingking about man. Not put our caring with other GOD's creatures. Whereas GOD not only create human. GOD create the universe, create all the things in this whole world. Nature gives human everything but human? We don't give nature with the same value that nature gives us. GOD always warn us. Maybe we just don't notice at all. So why don't we just think that if we all do our best to protect all the GOD creatures, we could make this change. We could cure the earth. We could make the Earth smile's back.

For all of u who has the same terrible feeling about 2012 rumours. Let's make a change. We might be small, we might think that our little contribution will not giving much influence but we have to believe that no mather how small we are, if we stick all together, we can make it BIG. Remember,,a Great thing doesn't always come from a big thing, There're always a little part come from it. So,,Put a wide smile on your faces guys!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kiddies Song

Aku punya anjing kecil kuberi nama Helly
Dia senang bermain-main sambil berlari-lari
Helly Guk Guk Guk kemari Guk Guk Guk
Ayo lari-lari
Helly Guk Guk Guk
kemari Guk Guk Guk
Ayo lari-lari

Pasti masih pada inget kan lagu ini?? kayanya ini adalah salah satu lagu anak-anak yang everlasting deh. Mostly people can sing this song. oohh,,how i miss my childhood. Dulu tuh ada banyaaaakkk banget lagu anak-anak yang menggema dimana-mana.
Hehe,,bingung ya saya mau ngomongin apa. Sebenernya uda lama banget saya pengen nulis ini gara-gara nya sebulan yang lalu saya denger di radio ada salah satu penyiar radio yang bilang kalo Project Pop pengen banget bikin lagu yang bisa dinyanyiin sama anak-anak. well, pasti tau donk kalo selama ini mereka terkenal sama lagu-lagu ceria yang bisa bikin qta sing along dan goyang-goyang. Trs gimana si penyiar itu juga merindukan banget ada nya lagu anak-anak yang bener-bener bwat anak. Si penyiar ini bilang dia ngenes banget denger anak kecil nyanyi lagu "Aku sedang ingin,,bercintaaaaa karenaaa mungkin ada kamu disiniii,,aku ingin" dan percaya ga beberapa hari kemudian saya bener-bener mengalami nya. Kejadiannya waktu saya lagi nganterin nyokap ke RS, saat sedang makan di kantin tiba-tiba ada anak kecil sekitar umur 4 th yang nyanyi lagu nya Dewa itu. Oh oh,,Saya kaget juga denger nya sekaligus ikutan mikir "gila ya anak umur segitu nyanyiin lagu kaya gitu" i mean,,he didn't even understand that words!! ternyata emang bener ya yang dibilang sama penyiar itu. Sekarang ini jarang banget ada lagu anak-anak yang publikasi nya besar seperti dulu. Padahal jaman dulu lagu anak-anak kan banyak banget. at least sampai jaman nya trio kwek-kwek deh or Sherina. Coba deh bayangin kalo tiba-tiba si anak nanya "ma,,bercinta itu apa sih?" gosh!! what should their parent answered in that shocking situation? ya pasti si orangtua akan menemukan jawaban yang simple seperti "bercinta itu kaya mama sama papa saling sayang, mama peluk papa dan sebalik nya" tapi anak umur segitu kan pasti masih belum bisa mencerna kata-kata seperti itu. Coba misal nya si anak nanya "ma,,anjing kecil itu seperti apa ya?" pasti jawaban nya ga usah pake mikir dan si anak bisa sekalian belajar mengenal jenis hewan. isn't it more educative?
Lagu-lagu nya ST12, mata band, D'masiv,dll pasti bisa dinyanyiin sama anak-anak kecil sekarang,,duuhh,,jadi sedih deh jangan-jangan di sekolah guru-guru nya juga ngajarin lagu band-band gitu. Bintang kecil, satu-satu aku sayang ibu,Balon ku ada lima nya dikemanain donk?? Maka nya saya setuju banget tu sama ide nya Project Pop yang pengen bikin lagu biar bisa dinyanyiin sama anak-anak. Selama ini kan mereka selalu bikin lagu yang ceria, seru dan most important masih cocok bwat dinyanyiin sama anak-anak. So proud of Project Pop,,Good Luck for u guys then. 
Haha,,another do-not-know-what-to-do posting since i'm bored. again,,my boy isn't around, don't know when he'll come back. Huff,,i think i'm gonna have my third lonely-without-him saturday nite. i'm doing some self photo shots since my pocket camera have been repaired and i found my dad's tripod *and his 80's old camera* so i played around with those stuff. i posted those in my photoblog. gosh,,i was such a narcissism. Hehehe,,

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

About us

Do u think a long-time relationship will ended up in a marriage? well,,i'm 23 years old now and my relationship with my boy have been running since six years ago. when i was decided to commited with him as a couple i honestly didn't thought that we will going through this relationship for such this quite a long time.It's going pretty well so far. well,,not always pretty and good, it's a normal thing when u had some trouble, get some madness, being destructive each other or even separated for a while. we had it too twice. being separated as a couple for some time and then get back as a couple again cuz we always still having some love for each other. i do love him and i never deny his love for me eventhough there were so many loves come and by into his life. I always hope for the best and realize that things doesn't always come nicely and perfect. Sometimes i worry about his truth because i see how destructive we can be as a couple *we do yelling at each other when everythings terrible got pushed to the max*, how hateful we can be towards our own kind. i see us a step away from utter self-destruction and how we couldn't make this relationship going controlled, then in the next moment i see the kind of sweetness that can vanished all the bad ones. 
Do you think it's a 'healthy' relationship?
I got tired of being destructive like a child.isn't it weird? I do realize that mostly the mistakes was coming because of me. I'm so childish, selfish and moody. i couldn't resist my ego when its coming. I know my bf was tired too. for calm-ing me everytime i'm starting like that. I wanted him to understand myself but i didn't do the same thing like he did to me. i'd like to say a bad thing like 'i just don't love u no more' or ' i want broke up with u' without considering his feeling. without remembering all of the nice, sweet and good things that he had done to me. even without remembering that it was all my faults!! hahahaha,,what a nice attitude of me. i'm sorry dear. i never didn't mean it to u.
well,,before u thinking that i had a complicated situation with my boy. No No No!! my relationship is well and in a very very very good condition. i just thought deeper about ours cuz i'm getting older now and realize if i kept my bad habbit like this *and he didn't make his college done and got some job too oh well at least he has to a lil bit established* we couldn't round to the next level,,xP
Soooo,,that's it for today,,sorry for being a lil sentimental,,nite everyone!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Hey Everyone,,
Haha,,saya nge-blog lagi deh,,maaf yaa habis saya bener2 ga tau mau ngapain c,,Sekarang saya mau ngomongin yang ringan2 aja yaitu Food!!,,hehe,,pasti pada suka makan kan? dan punya resto favorit masing-masing. I want to list some of my faves :
  • Warung Pak Bustaman dideket tugu proklamasi - saya udah hampir setaun jadi pelanggan disini. Sop sum-sum kambing nya enak banget!! tapi kalo kehabisan *jangan dateng lewat dari jam 1,pasti keabisan,,rame banget soalnya* sop buntut nya juga ga kalah enak koq. note : siap2 kaget buat yang baru pertama kesini karena warungnya ada di bawah jembatan rel kereta jadi KA suka lewat
  • Cafe Nannini - sop buntut nya lembut banget, potongan buntut nya juga banyak. Saya pribadi c lebih suka buntut goreng karena menurut saya lebih juicy rasanya.
  • Poke Sushi - cobain deh special chef salmon salad, saos salad nya c yang menurut saya bikin enak, potongan sashimi nya juga pas buat dimakan . emang c dibandingin resto2 sushi komersil lain kaya sushi tei, sushi groove, dll harga makanan di Poke lebih mahal. jadi mendingan pilih paket all u can eat *yang IDR 150++* byar bisa mesen special chef salmon salad nya banyak2,,hehe,
  • Seafood Dul di daerah caman, bekasi - Saya emang pecinta makanan laut jadi seafood selalu ada di daftar favorit. Seafood disini enak dan murah. kerang saos padang nya nampol banget. temen nya pacar yang benci banget sama seafood sampai bisa nagih sama kerang saos padang nya. 1001 malam di Kelapa Gading juga punya kerang saos padang yang enaaaakkk banget. Sebenernya c sampai saat ini resto seafood favorit saya tetep Teluk Bayur di Balikpapan, duh ga ada tandingan nya deh. cumi bakar, udang goreng tepung, plecing kangkung, u name it.
  • Planet Hollywood - Bwat Pizza enak, cobain Hawaian Pizza, emang c porsi nya kecil dan roti nya lebih tipis dibandingkan pizza2 tipis lain nya. tapi rasa nya enak, kriuk2 renyah dan bumbu nya pas. Rekomen resto lain : Domino’s Pizza, sayang delivery nya ga nyampe Bekasi.hehe,
  • TaWan - makanan nya emang enak2, saya suka bubur ayam+udang, udang bumbu rujak dan apa gtu jamur yang dipotong tipis2 trs digoreng tepung. Nyam Nyam,,
  • Pempek 161 Kelapa Gading - hehe,,darah palembang dari nyokap udah pasti bikin saya ga bisa lepas dari pempek. pempek disini lembut banget. disini juga ada pempek panggang yang ga kalah enak.
Ok,,mudah2an bisa jadi info yaa,,Byee Everyone,,

Fenomena Pemilu

Hey Everyone,,

Pemilu memang sudah lewat, berbagai euphoria ditunjukan oleh partai yang menang, tapi ga sedikit cela yang muncul di antara nya. Menanggapi fenomena Pemilu 2009 ini, ada sebuah topik yang sekarang lagi banyak diperbincangkan yaitu

"Stress CaLeg yang Gagal Terpilih"

Gila ya? saya ga nyangka bisa ada orang yang sampai jadi gila karena tidak terpilih and worst DIE. Memang c pemilu 2004 dulu udah ada kasus kaya gini.Tapi yang sekarang angka itu meningkat. Wooooohhhh,,beberapa hari sebelum Pemilu, saya baca koran tentang RS yang menyediakan bangsal khusus untuk caleg2 yang mengalami gangguan kejiwaan and its happening for truth. sehari setelah Pemilu, saya sudah nonton berita tentang Caleg wanita dari Bali yang meninggal sehari setelah Pemilu. Alasan nya c karena kecapaian tapi isu2 lain menyebutkan salah satu penyebabnya adalah stres karena gagal terpilih. Belum lagi setiap hari di koran dan TV, berita tentang Caleg disini dan disana yang terganggu jiwa nya karena hasil Pemilu tidak sesuai harapan. Tadi Nyokap cerita, waktu dia lewat di sekitar lampu merah kuningan ada seorang pria kira2 50 tahunan yang *maaf* telanjang bulat di pinggir jalan sambil jalan2 ga jelas gitu dan yang langsung terbayang di benak nyokap adalah "wah,,jangan2 ini Caleg yang stres ga kepilih". Udah gitu tadi baca koran, di daerah Cirebon udah ada belasan Caleg yang datang ke orang pintar dan Kyai untuk minta ketenangan bahkan salah satu Caleg tersebut sampai enggan berpakaian saking stres nya. Dampak lain karena gagal terpilih adalah Caleg2 ini jadi menutup diri dari keluarga dan lingkungan sekitar.

Yah,,benar kata para pengamat politik. Caleg2 ini hanya

"Ready for win BUT NOT for lose"

padahal konsekuensi dari sebuah pemilihan kan hanya ada dua : menang ATAU kalah. Selain itu hal yang menambah stres Caleg2 ini adalah karena besar nya dana yang sudah mereka keluarkan untuk menjadi Caleg dengan harapan terpilih *saya baca yang di Cirebon, mereka sampai mengeluarkan dana Rp 3 Miliar*

Kalau sampai kaya gini siapa yang salah donk? Caleg nya karena bodoh aja mau ngeluarin uang segitu banyak atau Partai nya karena tidak memfasilitasi kader nya atau justru pemerintah karena tidak membatasi pembentukan partai?

Memang c berdasarkan peraturan setelah tumbangnya rezim Orde Baru dikatakan siapa pun bisa membuat partai. Jadi ga salah kalo ada banyak kelompok2 ataupun golongan2 yang MUNGKIN tujuan nya mulia karena ingin membuat perubahan di negeri tercinta RI ini dengan pemikiran-pemikiran baru mereka membentuk suatu partai dengan membawa misi dan visi mereka masing-masing. Seperti yang selalu di tempel di pigura2 kampus saya dan merupakan slogan yang selalu disampaikan Ketua Program "CHANGE" *mmhh,,mungkin Obama terinspirasi dari salah satu moto kampus saya ini,,hahaha* tapi jujur aja kalo saya c emang ga tertarik buat milih partai-partai baru yang ga terlalu jelas. Gini deh setiap partai memang punya visi dan misi masing-masing yang luar biasa bagus dan terkesan mulia di mata orang. Bagaimana mereka ingin memajukan bangsa ini, memberantas kemiskinan, menciptakan lapangan pekerjaan, etc2 *yah,,kalo ga masang misi dan visi yang bagus2 kan ga mungkin orang tertarik* tapi membangun suatu negeri bukan lah hal yang dapat diciptakan hanya dalam waktu sedetik apalagi jika orang-orang di dalam partai tersebut bukanlah orang-orang yang kompeten dan masih harus dipertanyakan kredibilitas nya. Bukan nya saya ga suka menerima perubahan tapi kenapa juga mesti berlomba-lomba bikin partai kalo toh akhirnya cuma jadi tim 'penggembira'. Karena sejak Pemilu 2004 hanya partai2 'itu' saja yang pada akhirnya mendapat perolehan suara yang besar. Partai-partai baru cuma bisa gigit jari karena perolehan suara ga nyampe o,5%.

Kalo memang berniat membuat suatu perubahan, kan bisa aja dana yang mereka punya digunakan untuk hal lain yang lebih memberikan kontribusi besar bagi rakyat. Bikin Lapangan kerja misal nya? seperti kasus di Cirebon yang rata-rata Caleg menyediakan dana 3 miliar. gila tuh, duit segitu bisa bikin usaha kelas menengah ke atas yang bisa menyerap tenaga kerja banyak loh. Bukan nya apatis atau apa, tapi kebanyakan anggota2 legislatif sekarang banyak yang cuma money and power oriented. Ga bener2 tulus membantu rakyat. Kerjaan nya cuma 'numpuk' dana buat balik modal dulu sehabis Pemilu. Get real aja deh, mana ada orang yang mau ngeluarin duit segitu banyak buat dipilih tanpa mengharapkan BEP. pasti setelah dipilih mereka mau nya 'balik modal' dulu baru kerja yang bener. Berarti kan mereka sebenernya juga ga yakin sama kemampuan mereka untuk meng-handle rakyat dan negara. Harus nya kalo emang mereka punya kredibilitas dan percaya sama kemampuan mereka, percaya deh ga perlu di sogok orang pasti mau milih koq. For example : saya akan dengan senang hati milih Ibu menteri keuangan kita jadi Caleg karena fakta menunjukan, beliau memang punya kredibilitas yang ga cuma diakui Indonesia tapi juga dunia internasional atas prestasi dan dedikasi nya yang begitu besar terhadap perbaikan perekonomian. Ok, mungkin ini subjektif bagi orang lain,but it's only my opinion. People might agree, others don't. Memang c banyak yang ga kenal sama Caleg2 tersebut karena kurang nya sosialisasi dari mereka *mungkin kalo mau dipilih, 5 tahun dari sekarang mereka yang berniat mencalonkan diri untuk Pemilu 2014 harus sudah mulai melakukan pendekatan terhadap masyarakat* apalagi orang cerdas di Indonesia ini ga sedikit, jadi banyak yang pasti nya berpikiran sama seperti saya "buat apa milih partai baru yang ga jelas klo ada partai lama yang kinerja nya masih cukup baik"

Yaah,,semoga aja buat ke depan nya ga ada lagi Caleg2 yang mengalami kejadian seperti itu. Sayang banget deh, udah keluar uang banyak trs jadi ga waras karena nya. Common, it's a Life, we don't always get what we want. The point is we have to faced every single moment whether its good or bad because everything's happens for a reason.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

i'm a GEMINI

Heyyy Everyone,,

What's your astrology,guys? as i mention in my previous entry i'm a GEMINI but even i'm so proud as a GEMINI girl sometimes i think i'm into CANCER too,,hahaha,,i don't know whether it's because i'm a GEMINI which is having two different characters or because i'm really into it. i was born with only 8 months around so i should born in early-middle in July not June as i was which is i should being a CANCER. But well yeah the fact is i'm a GEMINI. I browse and found this :
Gemini - Si Kembar
(21 Mei - Juni 21)

Lincah, Pandai berbicara, Tidak Stabil, Mudah Berubah-Ubah, Mudah Gugup, Sangat Peka

Nomor Keberuntungan: 4,11,26,31,38.49

Aroma Keberuntungan: Bunga Lavender, Bunga Lily, Peppermint

Planet Yang Mengitari: Merkurius

Bunga Keberuntungan: Bunga Lily, Pakis

Warna Keberuntungan: Kuning

Batu Keberuntungan: Batu Safir

Elemen Keberuntungan: Udara

Pasangan Serasi: Sagitarius

Gemini adalah simbol kecerdasan, memiliki banyak akal. Komunikasi dan bahasa sangat penting bagi mereka. Mereka memiliki kemampuan berkembang dan belajar yang tinggi. Umumnya para Gemini tidak stabil, reaksi terhadap situasi ditentukan oleh mood mereka. Bagi Gemini, keragaman adalah penyedap kehidupan. Mereka menikmati hasil yang mereka capai lewat kerja keras mereka sendiri. Gemini tidak menyukai rutinitas. Pengetahuan, pikiran yang cepat dan kepandaian jelas terlihat pada zodiak ini. Mereka mudah berubah-ubah. Simbol ini memiliki pesona alami dan energi karisma yang menarik semua zodiak. Mereka memiliki banyak ide yang dapat membuat kita tertarik, namun mereka cenderung cepat bosan jika mereka berada di sekitar orang yang tidak dapat mengikuti jalan pikiran mereka, dana cepat berpindah ke suatu tempat dimana orang di sekitarnya dapat mengikuti jalan pikiran mereka. Mereka biasa menikmati hidup mereka dan jarang melihat kembali kebelakang. Gemini dikenal dengan spontanitasnya dan kemampuan mereka berbicara mengenai segala hal. Mereka energik dan murah hati. Sikap plin plan mereka terkadang menyulitkan. Kamu tidak akan pernah tahu apa yang mereka pikirkan dan apa yang akan mereka lakukan. Cobalah bertanya pertanyaan yang sama pada hari berikutnya, maka kamu akan mendapatkan jawaban yang berbeda setiap harinya. Terkadang hal ini dapat membuatmu putus asa, namun dapat juga mempesonamu.

Asmara para Gemini: Jika kamu tidak dapat mengikuti pola pikir para Gemini, kamu tidak akan dapat bergaul dengan zodiak ini. Perubahan sikap adalah kunci memenangkan hati mereka. Gemini akan menggunakan kemampuan berkomunikasi mereka untuk merayu orang yang mereka sukai. Mereka cenderung menjauh dari orang yang tidak menantang mereka. Gemini memiliki rasa ingin tahu yang tinggi dan selama kamu dapat menimbulkan keingintahuan di hati mereka, mereka selamanya akan berada di sampingmu. Gemini menukai perubahan, mereka senantiasa mencari sesuatu yang lain, termasuk juga kekasih.
and this
hahaha,,can u believe it?? Primbon!!! okay okay i will not discuss more about Primbon,,but heyy,,look at GEMINI's match?? its SAGITARIUS which is MY BF's astrology,,hahaha,,i think that's the only i totally agree with.
Mmmhh,,let's break it down :
  1. Lincah, Pandai berbicara, Tidak Stabil, Mudah Berubah-Ubah, Mudah Gugup, Sangat Peka - mmhh,,i mostly fit with 'Tidak Stabil, Mudah Berubah-Ubah' i get distracted easily.but don't know what others might think.
  2. Reaksi terhadap situasi ditentukan oleh mood mereka - No doubt!! everything i do will certainly considering my lovely-damn MOOD. Ask my bf and he'll absolutely 100% agree with it.
  3. Gemini tidak menyukai rutinitas, cenderung cepat bosan - Bingo!! i get bored easily.
  4. Sikap plin plan mereka terkadang menyulitkan. Kamu tidak akan pernah tahu apa yang mereka pikirkan dan apa yang akan mereka lakukan. Cobalah bertanya pertanyaan yang sama pada hari berikutnya, maka kamu akan mendapatkan jawaban yang berbeda setiap harinya - oh noooooo,,another bingo!! yaps yaps my boy always said that i was a "susah ditebak apa mau nya" u know? wishy washy,,well back to point #2,,MOOD is my command.
mmhh,,i think i'm totally agree that i'm a GEMINI,,hoho,,and hey look at this too,,i won't said that me and my boy are a match couple only based on those article cuz that's all way back into the person itself but whatever u might think when i said this,,yeah i love him. i do. although i screwed a lot and things don't goes into the normal track like it supposed to be.
have to off to bed now,,nite everyone!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Banned??Your Facebook?

Ada yang tau ga kenapa account facebook bisa ke banned?
Akhir2 ini saya sering banget denger kasus account Facebook orang tiba2 ilang atau ke banned. Kebetulan tadi siang temen2 saya pada ngebahas soal ini. Jadilah muncul beberapa hipotesis yang masih harus diuji kebenaran nya *alah*, diantara nya:
  1. Pemilik account terlalu sering gonta-ganti status di kotak 'what's on your mind'
  2. Pemiliki account terlalu banyak menggunakan link-link *entah di status,wall atau apapun itu*
  3. Pemilik menggunakan display name yang aneh2, bukan dengan nama asli *apa hubungan nya yah?Memangnya admin facebook nya tahu dan peduli mau nama user nya siapa*
  4. Memang di Block sama admin Facebook nya dengan alasan yang masih dipertanyakan *nah tambah bingung kan??*
Menurut kamu yang mana yang paling benar? yaaahh,,saya juga ga tau,,karena ada beberapa orang yang tidak merasa melakukan 3 hipotesis pertama and just think that their account was fine tapi tiba2 ke banned juga.Hehehe,,i just want to write some of my opinion about facebook user's behaviour. Trully, i'm personally didn't like people who always changing their status constantly every 10 minutes. Some of my friends did it. Changing their 'what's on your mind' udah kaya gonta ganti tissue kalo lagi kena flu. Apalagi dengan adanya Telepon seluler canggih yang bikin orang jadi makin gatel jempolnya untuk dikit2 mengetik kalimat baru di status nya sampai2 klo buka profile mereka 80% first page isi nya cuma tentang 'what's on your mind'. Jam 9.40am ketik 'blablabla' ntar 9.51am udah ganti lagi gitu terus sampai berkali2 dalam sehari. Mending kalo isi nya penting2 *saya senang koq baca update status orang yang bermanfaat, ex : ngasi tau betapa bete nya dia di jalanan macet xxx which is qta jadi tau info lalu lintas* tapi lebih banyak lagi orang yang update status ga penting bahkan yang menurut saya doesn't good enough to share,,dia memasang status yang berisikan betapa dia sangat membenci orangtua nya!! gila kan? maksud saya,,it's a very personal thingy malahan aib klo saya bilang mah *Family's problem!! oh common* dan bukan sesuatu yang membanggakan untuk di share di Facebook yang notabene open banget untuk dilihat sama orang lain *terlebih lagi kali kalo setting 'who can see your profile' nya Everyone*.

Saya pribadi jarang banget update status. Baru aja kemarin saya update *apalagi klo bukan kabar bahagia saya telah melewati sidang* setelah 2minggu status saya kosong. Bahkan dulu saat saya update dalam jeda beberapa hari, teman saya berkomentar "tumben update status,cha",,yaaa,,saya tau c itu kan hak masing-masing orang *account2 gw,,ngapain juga lo cha ngurusin!!hehe*

Selain update status saya lebih sebel lagi saya orang yang hobi banget gonta ganti relationship status. Beberapa dalam daftar friendlist saya sering banget kaya gitu. Awal-awal c saya masih interest dengan perkembangan nya tapi lama-lama saya malah ngerasa muak banget. Pagi nya muncul di highlights : "xxx and xxx ended their relationship" trs diikuti dengan "no longer listed as in a relationship" atau "listed as single" ditambah dengan update status yang menyatakan kekesalan nya pada (mantan) pacar,,eh beberapa jam kemudian tiba2 udah "in a relationship" lagi *trs update status lagi jadi sayang2an* atau "in a relationship" lalu jadi "it's complicated" beberapa jam kemudian "in a relationship" lagi. Saking sering nya kaya gitu sampai2 komen2 nya udah yang ga kaget lagi tapi "yaa,,mulai lagi deh nyari sensasi",,duuhhh,,males banget deh sama orang-orang kaya gitu. It seems like they just want to get some of public attention. Padahal baru juga ngambek2 atau berantem dikit sama pacar trs langsung ganti "it's complicated". Apalagi kalo setting an privacy nya di check-list semua which is setiap info changed yang qta lakuin bakal muncul di highlight. Emang perlu gitu semua orang tau kalo qta lagi bermasalah sama pacar? Saya termasuk cewe yang seriiiiinnnggg banget ngambek dan mutusin pacar ga jelas *apalagi if my M-Period is coming* tapi saya tau itu cuma emosi sesaat jadi ga mikir harus langsung ganti relationship status. Walaupun begitu, saya tetep tu pake hidden announcement relationship status changing. 2bulan pertama menggunakan Facebook saya masih meng-confirm semua orang yang adding me as their friend. Tapi lama-lama saya malah merasa risih sendiri. Aneh rasanya orang yang sama sekali ga kenal qta jadi tau banyak hal tentang qta. and well it's a Facebook,,social site as our place to posted our photos album *many*, our conversation with our friends, as a place to keeping contact with others that we know and once u make something with your facebook, there will be an announcement through the highlight such as when we comment photos, posted to friend's wall and etc etc which is some people will know what we do. Jadi sekarang saya hanya meng-confirm orang yang benar-benar saya kenal. Jahatnya, saya sempat men-delete beberapa orang yang ada di list yang dulu saya confirm karna asal *Maaaaaaaffff yaaaaa* i didn't mean to be an arrogant person but i want to make my Facebook account more private than Friendster.

Soalnya salah satu teman saya yang suka meng-confirm semua orang jad bete gara2 hal ini. salah satu orang yang nge-add dia jadi menyebalkan sekali karena suka memberikan komen2 GA PENTING dan GA JELAS di foto2 teman saya. ex : foto saya dan teman2 di ruang sidang dikomenin "jayus abiiisss semuaaa,,hahaha" lalu ada lagi foto teman saya lagi sendiri yang sebelumnya sudah dikomenin oleh 'teman2 resmi' kemudian dikomenin "pastiiiiiiiii bau tuhhhhhhhh",,see?? syapa coba dia?temen asli bukan tapi sembarangan komenin foto orang, mending komennya yang sopan. Huuff,,untung aja waktu kemarin orang aneh ini nge-add langsung saya ignore. So guys just be careful for accepted someone who added you as their friend. i know we couldn't judge a book by its cover but we can sorted them anyway rite?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Remember The Time

So i'm starting to being sentimental once again,,hehe,,realized that in some month ahead i will not being a student but will be a graduated student. actually some of my friends have graduated on last January 2009. Me,ocha and some others joined the 'extention club' cuz we couldn't finished our thesis in a first deadline on dec 2008 so i had no this losing feeling yet at that time.But after i'm done with my final presentation *eventhough i still have the revision and graduation ceremony* i just feels "gosh,,this is the end of my college time" okay,,maybe i'm not a good student but i do Love doing this. i mean it.i hate when i had to woke up morning for school, i hate when i had being in class that i don't like the subject even i hate when i got a bad score and GPA. But trully, school or college times are one of the best moment that u can had for the rest of ur life. u met a great people, a good friend, having a good and bad times together, sharing the knowledge, happiness even sadness. aahh,, i'm gonna really miss those moments. we just had only one and a half year to spent while we're in college but yeah there's a million memories to be remembered. Love U B07.
        The Full Team!!A07 and B07
Really Miss All Of You!!

i've passed!!

Haayyy everyone!!!!
I am totally happy rite now,,i've had just passed my final presentation,,yippieee,,one step closer to become the real Master of Management,,well yeah,,i have to finish my revision and of courseeeee attend the graduation ceremony which will be held on next August 2009,,i just could not putting the MM title after my name unless the Dean called my name as "Tissa Dwi Andhini,SE,MM" officially,,hoho,,have to be patient for that.
Actually the presentation didn't goes well enough because i made sooo many mistakes on my thesis technically. the head judge just simply said that i put so many wrong words, research model even he said that i did a wrong way for processing the datas!! goshh,,i was totally shocked at that time. i just kept thingking that i had to repeat my presentation once again *i mean it for thingking like that cuz one of my friend had to* but thanks to Allah SWT for giving me the simplicity for through all of this,,
Here's some of the pics that was taken by ocha's cellphone,,too bad i didn't bring my camera so i couldn't documented my disaster-crisis-presentation,,but i was really happy cuz all of my close friends in college came for watching me.Thanks a Lot guuyysss,,Love U Much Much!!
And here some my mission lists :
  1. Do the revision for my thesis before April 30th
  2. Get some reduce-stress-time Holiday *oohh,,i hope my dad will let me to go to Balikpapan with Achi and her family next May,,i miss that city - cross finger-*
  3. Apply for Jobs
Pleaseeee Pray For Me Everyone,,See yaaa,,

Friday, April 3, 2009


Hay Everyone,,

how's life? i've been quiet busy lately,,finishing my thesis and do some job test and interview,,oh did i tell u? i've got info from my college by text this evening and i'm gonna have my final presentation on next tuesday,,pleasseee guys,,pray for me!! i'm so nervous,,eventhough this ain't my first time but the feeling that its my master final presentation making me so stressful. oh oh,,not already made my powerpoint yet,,my head is full of stress and other not-important things such as 'uuhh,,can i made it?' 'what if i made a mistake?',,hehehe,,okay whatever. i have to believe i will going through this succesfully.amin!!
aaaannndddd..after all the colleges things's done,,i have a mission to be fulfilled. LOOKING FOR A JOB!! that's not easy u know even i put the master title behind my name. as i mention in my previous blog. it's global crisis happened. i had about 4-5 job test and interviews so far. 3 of them were failed and the other one is still waiting for announcement. ALLAH SWT please bless me!! i know i have to put my faith in GOD but of course with do some efforts too. as my bf said "calm down,ta,,u don't have to be hurried,,u haven't done ur master and there's a millions people in this world who had finished their college a few month and still jobless" maybe i have to enjoy my stress-after-college time besides my graduation ceremony will be held on next August 2009 which is 4 months to go after my final presentation. my close friends whose had graduated on January 2009 ago were still looking for a job too. blessed them all too GOD!!
okay,,gotta tell u later,,see ya!!

these are pics i'm taken yesterday in some of computer shop at Mangga dua,,they have lots of cartoon character dolls such as don king, arale, cupid, hattori and also obama,,haha,,uuhhh,,wanna have some!!!


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