Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Love

What comes first in your mind when i say 7 years? pretty quite long time, would it be? and when u have done something for this whole time then it is normal if you will get bored. Being in almost 7 years relationship somehow bring you in a do-not-what-to-do-anymore level. May be would lose your passion or curiousity about everything. And in our case, one of them comes about giving present. Every December which is supposed to be my silly boy birthday month, i was in confusing situation for choosing whats gift should i give for him. I always find the way. Always. Until this year that should be his 7th times birthday we are going through as a couple. I just have no idea (this also become his problem before he decided to just giving me some cash). For simplicity i ask him what thing he want or need but he always says he wont anything. All he only want for return is i will always love him (pretty cheesy i know).

We are not a romantic couple. We never made a plan for celebrate any special occasion and sometimes things are just gone when we finally realized. After all this time, we passed so many things that other couple would like to do for keeping their hearts get locked each other and we never tried to creats romantic atmosphere. Such as dinner in romantic places, making surprise party, celebrate Vals Day. You named it. Well, maybe those are just things that never enter into the circle of our thoughts or maybe we just dont recognize those things as special things to do.

I have known him for several years (fyi, we goes into the same school since Elementary) and somehow, beyond my consciousness or maybe i just dont realize, he has turn into a different kind of personality. From a boy with no-control-anger-management to be a man with long-term-future planning. Not so significant change though, but i love its process. and now, we are start to thingking one step forward for the Big Plan.

But for this time, let me say some words for him :
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I might have nothing for you
But i wish you infinite prays and hopes
and let GOD make all great things happens to you
For your life, love, journey and everything
ps : mind with the spyder web, the artificial flower is from my moms old collection.

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