Friday, September 4, 2009

Hello Again

Yaaayyyy,,blogging at last. I feel like i'm far away from the internet lately.Hiks. Okay. I bring some good news.
I'm finally graduated officially.yayayaya,,i know it ain't an extraordinary thing since it wasn't my first time but yeah i just want to show my happy moment through this
what else?mmhhh,,I'm no longer listed as an unemployment.hahahaha.i'm starting work last monday, two days after my graduation ceremony and yeah,,that's why i couldn't keep in touch with the internet because i'm getting so tired after days of work and the only thing i wanna do when i reach my home is sleep. I'm still trying to  get used with this new 8.30am-5.30pm activities. 
Bad news : i can't woke up at anytime i want anymore except for weekend ofcourse.teheee. well, after 4 months get used with slept at midnite and woke up late, this morning activities just like the hell but i'll try my hard and best for doing this job. wish me luck guys.

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