Friday, July 10, 2009


Random post,,what's ur belongings when u were go out?? we usually carrying our common things that always stay in our bag, are we?So mine *these are my today's* are:
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My mom's bag - i just bring simply thing such as wallet *ofcourse*, body lotion, lipbalm, mirror, oil paper, comb, hand sanitizer, tissue, chocolate and cellphones.
My wallet - ID card, ATM card, CC, Hospital card, Insurance card, Driving License, Library card and ofcourse Student card *as i'm still a student officially*

I don't really care about what i wore because i'm a simply person but i love to wear kind of jewelry:

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  1. That was the fourth times i bought that earings. Very first time i bought it when i was in high school. Can u imagine? can't get enough of it.
  2. Ring from my silly boy as my 21st bday's gift.
  3. Another gift from my boy for my 22st bday. Actually, since 3 years ago he always gave me some money and let me bought anything that i need because yeah u know,,Boys. They get confused easily to choose what should they give for us. So giving cash is the best idea for him. So, i bought my self a Guess watch at that time.
  4. Bracelet with my name- Bought it myself .
  5. Bought from my friend, it's only idr 35,000,,xp
Sometimes, i bring books if i had to wait for long time or at least handsfree for listening music from my phone. Ah yeah,,sorry for not-so-important post. Well,,i'm off now. Seeya,,


  1. chaa ada bintangnya huaa.. suka deh.. eh iya paling suka sama gelangnya... baik bgt galuh kasih cash mulu haha.. gw juga prnh pny anting bintang bknnya dikasih pacar tapi malah di ilangin satu sama dya gara bcanda2 kalo ga salah trus ga sadar ilang sebelah hahaha..=D

  2. haha,,iya,mit skrg galuh klo ngasi cash aja,,jadi gw beli yg gw mau,yang pasti beli nya mesti sm dia.sbnrnya ga enak juga c,kan enakan surprise gitu ya.bisa nebak2 bakal dikasi apa.

    iya,anting itu emang cpt ilang.makanya ampe 4x gw,cowo lo dulu juga kuliah design ya?bisa banget bikin animasi2 gitu,,keren2,,

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