Sunday, July 19, 2009

Re-Decorate this and that

Me wants to re-decorating my bedroom. well i'm such a bored type one, i've told u before but having a cozy nice bedroom is always being girl's dreams. I'm not saying that my current bedroom isn't nice to be placed,,but i just want something new. Some kind like these :

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aren't these gorgeous? i want to coloring all my room interior with white. Wardrobe, bed, desk, etc *except my wall, i'm still in love with my current. Two sides with lavender and the other two with broken white* i think it'll makes my room looks nicer and warmer and mostly fits with this side :
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This is my bed side *where i used to take a shot* like this:
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i ain't gonna show u the rest because it's *ofcourse* private *mmhh,,okay messy tough*,,ehehe,,i've already upload this pic before and i think this is the only side that would proper enough to be seen for public. If i'm done with the new one i'd be very happy to show all part of my bedroom. Just don't know when,,hehe. Well, i'm just stuck with my wardrobe because i can't do anything with it. It's quite complicated for moving it in different side in my room. too huge and heavy. also my computer desk *with the set of computer* that i never used it again. wants to pull it out from my room but i just don't have idea where to put because we don't have any empty place in our house,,>_<

Oh how i want those room-like so bad.

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  1. me too
    i want a little space for my baby.
    with a cute wall-paper,,, huhuhuhu,,, really want it..



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