Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Letter To GOD

Today is 24 years life that GOD has given to me and i thank for it. As usually i started with do Tahajjud at 3am. Do some conversation with GOD. Thanking for all of the happiness, goodness and all gorgeous things that GOD has already gave me. Also sorry for all the mistakes that i had make in previous one year. A lots of hopes and wishes also followed in my pray. I was reviews what i have to done, what things that already happened and what's not *yet*. I know GOD always hear and listen my pray, GOD only do some postponed because GOD knows its best for me. I won't complaint, nor wont to be sad. I have many wishes for this year and i will never stop for trying and hoping my best to do.

Thanks GOD for giving me another year for throughing this life. I'm sorry for all the bad things that i've done and for breaking my promises to U. I'm only yours - your perfect-but-not creature who will never stop to doing mistakes even though i've had my millions promises to not let myself into those faults - I might not always good but i'll do my best to be what U want. Please just don't let myself being alone in every step i take. I always need your guidance.

Thanks GOD for giving me the best parent. a caring family. a lovely friends. a gorgeous boyfriend. Thanks for all the Chances. The Health. The Gift. For Everything.

Last,,Thanks GOD for this wonderful life. Love U.

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