Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I've just watched Ketika Cinta Bertasbih-KCB-,,hihi,,a lil bit late i know. Actually me, my mom and sis had already came to 21 cineplex on first launching day of KCB but the ticket was sold out so we just got a chance today. I like that movie rather than Ayat - Ayat Cinta-AAC-. Both are nice but i feel more touchy when i saw KCB. Every single words goes out sounds more beautiful for me. I don't know maybe because almost of main actor/actress are new comer *they are selected from open casting for common people, right?* so i just get more the religious side from them, i mean we all know Fedi Nuri, Rianti Carwright, etc before they're playing on AAC and has seen them playing another characters but religious which means has already set our minds about their previous *and their truly appearances from entertainment news,,hehe*. And another reason why i'd prefer KCB than AAC is the tone of the movie!!! it's kinda like Hollywood Movie. A bit vintage and somekind like that and i just loves it. Also the bokeh background when Kazzam eyeing on city on the night from room balcony. Looks nice. Too bad it's still continue. I haven't read the novel so i don't know the ending.
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