Friday, June 12, 2009

It's all about it and them

Today i met with one of my close friend since college,Rena. She's getting married on next July. Ahh,,it's a very good indeed since she's been dating with her bf for almost 8 years. She gaves the invitation and we had pretty quality time together. We had lunch at Grand Indo and ended up with watching Drag me to hell at EX,,yeah Blitz didn't show it so we moved to EX. Well, we can't stop closing our eyes and screaming with a loud voices *haha*. Actually the movie wasn't that horrible *yeeeaahhh,,ok i lie* but it's shocking me out.much. My bf just said " i knew u'll be doing such a thing" when we talked on the phone after i've got off from theather. I actually didn't want to watch that movie, it's all because of Rena. There's no movie i'm interested in lately. I'm waiting for Transformer 2 and Harry Potter 6. That's all. But i have to wait until June 26th for Transformer 2. Can't hardly wait.

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So,,have u guys made a choice for our next president? I'd love to see their debate on TV and browsing for their activities during campaign. Read many news about people opinions. Ah i don't know u'd ever heard or read about this before but i want to share my thoughts.
Couple days ago, i was read some article in one of website-news, talking about a community that has giving their support for one of candidate-partner to be the next president. One of the member says that the community think that 'This candidate' are the best because "they are a hajj and this community loves it-Loves someone whom got that title before their names". My question is "Is there any relation between being Hajj and capabilities in terms of leading a country?" i think that's a shallow opinion. Having 'that' title doesn't prove someone will has a good ability and personality tough. I am a Moeslem, even i know that Indonesia is the larger Moeslem community in the world and one of condition the be the president Republic of Indonesia is a MOESLEM but just for remind all of u, Indonesia is NOT a Moeslem Country officially

If that so,,i want to find the correlation between being Hajj and relevation to become a President Republic of Indonesia,,Hey,,my parents is having that title before their names too!!is that mean they could being a president-candidate?? what a shallow thoughts. It seems they just look someone from the outside. They just loves the cover. They didn't read the content of the book. I was pretty shocked when the first time read the news and rushed to finish it, hoping to find something that more relevant for his reasons but i just can't found it. Geeezz,,is that all? nothing more explanation about it. I continued googling for it and found some articles. And still didn't got a satisfy answer. It's still about the community's desire. Ah yeah,,there's a hundred communities in Indonesia and if each community wants what's best only for themself and not for whole people. Where will it be supposed to?

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