Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy and Tired

Hey Everyone,,
aah,,it's been more than a week since my last post. Uumm,,what's the story? last saturday, my friend from Patra Dharma Junior High School had been married *happy for u Vidy* and i met my long lost close friend when i was in school, Ichad *we haven't met for 8 years!!*,,yiiaaayyy,,soooo damn excited!! oohh,,how i missed those moment. If i had a time machine, i really wants to turn back to that sweet times while i was in Balikpapan. well, words would never enough to show how happy we are,,

Gosh,,I Love them so much!! Can't wait for our next meeting. Catch up soon guys!!

Uummm what else? ah,,i've watched Terminator Salvation last saturday and didn't like it,,hehe,,it was a great movie actually but i just don't like that such a movie kind, tried to enjoy while watching it but i guess the X-Men and Transformer's effect doesn't come in this case,,LOL.

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Ok,,my eyes has already watering and i really need a rest. Today i spent my times driven for my mom *my driver was absent* from 9am-8pm - well not literally whole its times but the rest was accompanied my aunty went around in Tamini Square,,yeah not bad,,i got a nice dress and flats.
I'm off now,,see yaaa,,

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