Friday, June 26, 2009

Garuda Di Dada Ku

I finally decided to watch Garuda Di Dada Ku -GDD- and i love it. Had it with my mom yesterday, my silly boy doesn't interest to watch it. The movie was nice and yeah i *again* tried to not pouring my tears down cuz there's so many scenes that makes me feel touchy,,hahaha. I adore Heri so much, he's a trully friend of Bayu and absolutely gorgeous. I love the way he treat Bayu and how hard he convince that Bayu got a talent for soccer. His support, his honesty and all the things that he'd do for Bayu without considering himself. But one thing i don't like is the scene when Bayu's grandfather was fall down in soccer field then Bayu was running and trying to reach his Grandpa from behind the hurdle,,hehe,,that's too much and doesn't make sense enough. Anw, i like the ending. Well, maybe for some people, the ending is bad. I read some comments about this movie through the internet and found that they didn't like the un-well-done ending *agak gantung dan kurang jelas ngasi tau pas Bayu lolos-katanya-* but i think the good movie doesn't always have to ended up with a nice one, right? i mean, people always wants to watch the ending as they want. Happy and well done. But for me, i love the GDD ending. I pretty got the point of it although they didn't shows exactly the scene when Bayu has finally got accepted as National Team. Yeah,,for truth when i saw the last scene,,my eyes was watering,,hehe,,
Picture : Official Website GDD

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