Wednesday, May 13, 2009


What is your fave view of nature? beach?mountain?sea?or else? mine is sky,I always love to seeing a blue skies with its creamy clouds and even when it turns into the orange one on the evening. I like to text or call my bf just to say "ta,,langit nya lagi bagus banget deh" ahahaha,,and can't stand to capture it with my phonecam.


Mmhh,,the first pic was taken by my dad, the sunset on the beach was my bf and the rest was mine *taken from my balcony room* no photoshop except for the watermark of course *i want to show how trully beautiful it was* aren't they gorgeous? i think i will upload the retouch series just to compare which one its should be more catchy,,haha,,but i'm not gonna posted on this blog, i will upload on my photoblog but not now*i'm not in the mood for editing right now*
Hey, i've just create a new account on,,ahahaha,,actually it similar with photoblog or flickr but yeaahh i'm just curious with that one. I don't know what's the better part of its than photoblog/flickr, haven't explore it much yet. All i know is u can only upload one photo for each day except u upgrade it into the gold one then u can have six each day,,weeekksss!! What's the point of having it then?hihi,,well yeah i have to explore it more later, maybe i'll find the part. 
Ok,,have to off to bed now,,Nite everyone.

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