Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Movie time

Today i went to gading with my bf and we were watching Crank:High Voltage and i REALLY hate that movie,,i mean i knew it was an action movie because i had the first last 3 years ago but i never got an idea why this sequel is kinda like a dumb *ok,,sorry for the maker*. well,,i couldn't stop closing my eyes everytime it shows a fighting scenes, my bf kept asking me to go out from the theather if i'm not enjoy it but i still said 'it's ok,,i can control it'. but i'm so annoyed with the cartoon symbol and the actor's stupid dream which were pop up in the movie. ok,,never mind. forget about it,,hey, i can't wait fot Transformer 2!! i saw the trailer and really want time flies to the premier,,hoho,,
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Mmhh,, i usually go to the cinema at weekday lately,,with my bf ofcourse. we seldom have a saturday nite dating now cuz he always out of town at that time. oh well,,we fight a lot yesterday,,i'm so pissed off with him because of an irrelevan things,,haha,,woman!!hah,,bad me. oh,,i'm starting to continue my scrap book,,i bought it on 2003 or 2004 and never give my time again with it. so i'll give it try. just wait for the next.
Ooh,,i'm getting bored being jobless,,hahaha,,i know i shouldn't act like this even some of my friends whose had their graduate ceremony haven't got a job too but yeah,,i just feel unproductive and i don't like it at all. Mmhh,,i'm going to SnowBay Waterpark on next thursday with my bf. My uncle was giving me and all my cousins some free ticket. I have 4 tickets, my sister has a 6 and she's allowed me to uses hers cuz she's not allowed to swim *she's pregnant now*,,i'm going to take my friends later.
Ok,,gotta off to bed now,,nite everyone,,

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