Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Angels and Demons

Hey Everyone,,

more than

ehehehe,,got watched it last monday *after we had ruined for watch it on last saturday*,,I never read Angels and Demons novel but i enjoyed that movie so much. ah well it's good to seeing The Vatican city on that movie *i had been there 3 years ago,,and Basilica St.Petrus was absolutely gorgeous*,,The Da Vinci Code is having more complicated stories than Angels and Demons *in my opinion*,,even i had read that Da Vinci Code novel before i watched it, i still confused with the path story and couldn't remember all those name of creatures made. And for me who didn't read that Angels novel before, i just couldn't guess who's the evil one. I thought Ewan McGregor is really innocent and the Kardinal Strauss is the bad one *hoho,,i was deceived with his gesture and expression* after all,,i love it so much.
Now i just can't wait for Harry Potter and the half blood prince and Transformer 2

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