Friday, April 24, 2009

What will happen in 2012???

Hey Everyone,,

Okay,,i've changed my header once again,,hihi,,Now my blog is look soooo pinky. Gosh,,i never thought before i upload that those photos would fits with this page and when i'm done with the header, i just click save and see my current page and tadaaaaaa,,what a gorgeous combination,isn't it? mmhh,,actually pink is not my fave color and for truth, i don't have any. My room was full with purple things just because i bought the stuffs to matched its with the wall color. I once read on some magazines that purple was a good tone for coloring your wall room. it makes u feel comfort and hommy and that's good for your sleeping time *mmhh,,i think that's why i always feel sleepy in my room,,can't even study well*

Mmh,,what else? Today i went to campus with Ovie, finishing our paper and ppt for mentoring presentation and then visited our friend who got hospitalized in PGI Hospital. My bf still in out of town, he said that he'll come home on next monday or tuesday. Huff,,i literally going alone without him tomorrow. I think i will call my friend or just spent my day at home with my family. Have no idea. Hey,,i've got my mood for editing's back. After a long time break for photoshop, i played around again with it and i guess my style for edited has changed. well,,i always love vintage and retro style *eventhough i'm not a good at photoshop* but sometimes i'd just love something bright and clear buuuttt in the mean time i currently crazy for something soft, clean and *still* a bit touch of vintage and i just realize for real that bokeh will make the photos softer,,haha,,never noticed before, though i use it million times. Thanks for my bf who has shot some bokeh in his photoshots and kept those too in my file. So i can use it into my photos. i really wants to make a good photo with dslr but unfortunately i haven't one. well, i can use my brother-in-law's *he always drop his camera in his box cuz he uses company's gear* but yeah,,i really wants my own. Hopefully i can have it someday with my own money.

Ah,,I've got an interesting story to tell. Do you know about 2012 rumours? well, i bet u know. One of my friend was totally freaking about it. She can't stop thinking about what the worst thing will be happened at that time. She sent me many links *when we were chat on YM**me and ovie* today that she even couldn't let it go so i wanna write something from my opinion. about this rumours since couple months ago. She even bought a book titled "2012" and after she watched 'knowing' she's become more afraid. I thought she had let it by but her bf just told us

Well, i'm afraid too for truth when the first time i heard about that rumours. But i just thought that if we always kept our mind about that things, we can't make a step, we can't move, we can't stop being afraid and all the terrible, freak and worst things will always haunting us. So i just take a deep breath and let it all go. I mean,,we all afraid. we do. After all the facts and all the sign which came in around lately. The global warming, the floods, the tsunami, the earth-quake and the mountain explosion. But do we all know for sure what will happened next? Nope. No one will ever know for sure though they are a fortune-teller. Yeah,,we don't doubt about all the prediction that fortune-teller made and when it's literally coming for real. But can we just thought about the positivity? I just thought that it's all GOD's plan and GOD could change it whenever GOD want. Maybe GOD want us, human creature to change. To become more care to earth. GOD sent all the signs to aware people, to reminder that GOD want us to protect all the GOD creatures. Earth, plants, animals, sea, mountain, florest and etc. Wasn't all the disaster lately happened because human error? It's all because us. Human's hand. We are bad. We makes all the pain. We makes earth cries. We kill the animals ilegally. We burn the florest for build some building, for factory. We all creates pollution. We explored all the nature's production without caring them anyway. GOD's angry because we are all selfish. We only thingking about man. Not put our caring with other GOD's creatures. Whereas GOD not only create human. GOD create the universe, create all the things in this whole world. Nature gives human everything but human? We don't give nature with the same value that nature gives us. GOD always warn us. Maybe we just don't notice at all. So why don't we just think that if we all do our best to protect all the GOD creatures, we could make this change. We could cure the earth. We could make the Earth smile's back.

For all of u who has the same terrible feeling about 2012 rumours. Let's make a change. We might be small, we might think that our little contribution will not giving much influence but we have to believe that no mather how small we are, if we stick all together, we can make it BIG. Remember,,a Great thing doesn't always come from a big thing, There're always a little part come from it. So,,Put a wide smile on your faces guys!!

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