Friday, April 3, 2009


Hay Everyone,,

how's life? i've been quiet busy lately,,finishing my thesis and do some job test and interview,,oh did i tell u? i've got info from my college by text this evening and i'm gonna have my final presentation on next tuesday,,pleasseee guys,,pray for me!! i'm so nervous,,eventhough this ain't my first time but the feeling that its my master final presentation making me so stressful. oh oh,,not already made my powerpoint yet,,my head is full of stress and other not-important things such as 'uuhh,,can i made it?' 'what if i made a mistake?',,hehehe,,okay whatever. i have to believe i will going through this succesfully.amin!!
aaaannndddd..after all the colleges things's done,,i have a mission to be fulfilled. LOOKING FOR A JOB!! that's not easy u know even i put the master title behind my name. as i mention in my previous blog. it's global crisis happened. i had about 4-5 job test and interviews so far. 3 of them were failed and the other one is still waiting for announcement. ALLAH SWT please bless me!! i know i have to put my faith in GOD but of course with do some efforts too. as my bf said "calm down,ta,,u don't have to be hurried,,u haven't done ur master and there's a millions people in this world who had finished their college a few month and still jobless" maybe i have to enjoy my stress-after-college time besides my graduation ceremony will be held on next August 2009 which is 4 months to go after my final presentation. my close friends whose had graduated on January 2009 ago were still looking for a job too. blessed them all too GOD!!
okay,,gotta tell u later,,see ya!!

these are pics i'm taken yesterday in some of computer shop at Mangga dua,,they have lots of cartoon character dolls such as don king, arale, cupid, hattori and also obama,,haha,,uuhhh,,wanna have some!!!

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