Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Remember The Time

So i'm starting to being sentimental once again,,hehe,,realized that in some month ahead i will not being a student but will be a graduated student. actually some of my friends have graduated on last January 2009. Me,ocha and some others joined the 'extention club' cuz we couldn't finished our thesis in a first deadline on dec 2008 so i had no this losing feeling yet at that time.But after i'm done with my final presentation *eventhough i still have the revision and graduation ceremony* i just feels "gosh,,this is the end of my college time" okay,,maybe i'm not a good student but i do Love doing this. i mean it.i hate when i had to woke up morning for school, i hate when i had being in class that i don't like the subject even i hate when i got a bad score and GPA. But trully, school or college times are one of the best moment that u can had for the rest of ur life. u met a great people, a good friend, having a good and bad times together, sharing the knowledge, happiness even sadness. aahh,, i'm gonna really miss those moments. we just had only one and a half year to spent while we're in college but yeah there's a million memories to be remembered. Love U B07.
        The Full Team!!A07 and B07
Really Miss All Of You!!

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