Tuesday, April 7, 2009

i've passed!!

Haayyy everyone!!!!
I am totally happy rite now,,i've had just passed my final presentation,,yippieee,,one step closer to become the real Master of Management,,well yeah,,i have to finish my revision and of courseeeee attend the graduation ceremony which will be held on next August 2009,,i just could not putting the MM title after my name unless the Dean called my name as "Tissa Dwi Andhini,SE,MM" officially,,hoho,,have to be patient for that.
Actually the presentation didn't goes well enough because i made sooo many mistakes on my thesis technically. the head judge just simply said that i put so many wrong words, research model even he said that i did a wrong way for processing the datas!! goshh,,i was totally shocked at that time. i just kept thingking that i had to repeat my presentation once again *i mean it for thingking like that cuz one of my friend had to* but thanks to Allah SWT for giving me the simplicity for through all of this,,
Here's some of the pics that was taken by ocha's cellphone,,too bad i didn't bring my camera so i couldn't documented my disaster-crisis-presentation,,but i was really happy cuz all of my close friends in college came for watching me.Thanks a Lot guuyysss,,Love U Much Much!!
And here some my mission lists :
  1. Do the revision for my thesis before April 30th
  2. Get some reduce-stress-time Holiday *oohh,,i hope my dad will let me to go to Balikpapan with Achi and her family next May,,i miss that city - cross finger-*
  3. Apply for Jobs
Pleaseeee Pray For Me Everyone,,See yaaa,,

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