Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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Do u think a long-time relationship will ended up in a marriage? well,,i'm 23 years old now and my relationship with my boy have been running since six years ago. when i was decided to commited with him as a couple i honestly didn't thought that we will going through this relationship for such this quite a long time.It's going pretty well so far. well,,not always pretty and good, it's a normal thing when u had some trouble, get some madness, being destructive each other or even separated for a while. we had it too twice. being separated as a couple for some time and then get back as a couple again cuz we always still having some love for each other. i do love him and i never deny his love for me eventhough there were so many loves come and by into his life. I always hope for the best and realize that things doesn't always come nicely and perfect. Sometimes i worry about his truth because i see how destructive we can be as a couple *we do yelling at each other when everythings terrible got pushed to the max*, how hateful we can be towards our own kind. i see us a step away from utter self-destruction and how we couldn't make this relationship going controlled, then in the next moment i see the kind of sweetness that can vanished all the bad ones. 
Do you think it's a 'healthy' relationship?
I got tired of being destructive like a child.isn't it weird? I do realize that mostly the mistakes was coming because of me. I'm so childish, selfish and moody. i couldn't resist my ego when its coming. I know my bf was tired too. for calm-ing me everytime i'm starting like that. I wanted him to understand myself but i didn't do the same thing like he did to me. i'd like to say a bad thing like 'i just don't love u no more' or ' i want broke up with u' without considering his feeling. without remembering all of the nice, sweet and good things that he had done to me. even without remembering that it was all my faults!! hahahaha,,what a nice attitude of me. i'm sorry dear. i never didn't mean it to u.
well,,before u thinking that i had a complicated situation with my boy. No No No!! my relationship is well and in a very very very good condition. i just thought deeper about ours cuz i'm getting older now and realize if i kept my bad habbit like this *and he didn't make his college done and got some job too oh well at least he has to a lil bit established* we couldn't round to the next level,,xP
Soooo,,that's it for today,,sorry for being a lil sentimental,,nite everyone!!

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