Friday, March 20, 2009

Nostalgia dengan Asty

This afternoon, i met wif one of my good friend when i was in Balikpapan.Asty. The fact, this is such a weird. Our home were not far from each other. only 30 minutes. but there's a millions unpredictable moment which make our plan for meet was ruined.

But this time because of an unfortunately event we could met finally,,Asty's big sister was ill. she's got DBD (get well soon mba inda) and hospitalized at Global Awal Bros Hospital which is near from my house. So, i visited her and then me and Asty went to the mall for hanging out. we had coffee shop as our place for talking and chating. it's good to chat with her face to face not by messenger or text or phone. and for sure taking pictures (we use timer and that's not cool enough cuz it took times and we're getting bored of posing,,haha)

Our meeting weren't took a long time but we had a quality time together. we left the mall around 9pm and i droped her back to the hospital. it's a good thing for ended up this day,,Laf ya,beb!!

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  1. Cai,,, i'm googling about "Gemini", than found your blog.. hohoho,, i didn't know that u had this blog,, so let me be yr followers yaaw,,,

    Hihihi,,, cai try to make a blogspot? since when neng???...

    jadi ke MM ga??

    why don't u put your guest book on side bar,, so that people can write a message,,

    try and make your own Guest book
    copy paste the code than put it on html code,,



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