Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hay Everyone!!

Ok! This is the first time for me. Made a blog. Actually, I once think that doing this is such a weird. I mean,,we write something about ourself and probably someone will read by and they will know our life without knowing us personally. And I’ve said “I would never made such a blog” because i don't like showing my lifes in this virtual world. I know someone and she like sto write anything about herself. Anything. And I just don’t like it anyway. I mean,,gosh!! should everyone in this world know about your activities? Your whole personal thingy because she also write something that I don’t think it is good enough to share with other people such as how she get along with her bf personally and deeply - you know what i mean- and posted her photos that shows part of her 'body' and etc.

I do like writing since I was in elementary and i bet mostly girl doing that - with our diary ofcourse. I still have my diary-about 5 or 6 books- but I never think about writing in the internet – and its almost because of ‘her’ stories. But lately I do some browsing and found some of people’s blog and it’s not as bad as I think. Their blogs are great!! They not just posted about their personal stories but also about anything which I can only say cool. Fashion, college, artwork, politics, economics and others. I think I was such a dumb, only think that someone who made a blog is such a bull. I even learn many thing from theirs and suddenly I’ve just remembered with one of my best friend’s blog (gosh,,he actually told me about his blog a year ago and I just not giving much attention for him).

check his http://www.jandamogok.blogspot.com but i think he's not really care about his blog again since he started to work over a year ago.
So here I am,,with my newly blog,,well yeah I guess I just make a one step forward to thinking that made a blog is not just about showing a cheesy thing in our life but also to sharing what we think about ‘serious’ life, what we’ve gonna achieve in future and soooo many things in a good way.
Btw, about the blog name? well,,actually i wanna named my blog with sembilanjuni at first because it was my born date but since the name was not available to use so i pick bintangkugemini just because (1) i collect anything about star and (2) Gemini is my astrology,,haha,,just simple like that. Well hope u'll enjoy it.

ps : sorry for my very bad english. i'm still learning.

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