Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Love

What comes first in your mind when i say 7 years? pretty quite long time, would it be? and when u have done something for this whole time then it is normal if you will get bored. Being in almost 7 years relationship somehow bring you in a do-not-what-to-do-anymore level. May be would lose your passion or curiousity about everything. And in our case, one of them comes about giving present. Every December which is supposed to be my silly boy birthday month, i was in confusing situation for choosing whats gift should i give for him. I always find the way. Always. Until this year that should be his 7th times birthday we are going through as a couple. I just have no idea (this also become his problem before he decided to just giving me some cash). For simplicity i ask him what thing he want or need but he always says he wont anything. All he only want for return is i will always love him (pretty cheesy i know).

We are not a romantic couple. We never made a plan for celebrate any special occasion and sometimes things are just gone when we finally realized. After all this time, we passed so many things that other couple would like to do for keeping their hearts get locked each other and we never tried to creats romantic atmosphere. Such as dinner in romantic places, making surprise party, celebrate Vals Day. You named it. Well, maybe those are just things that never enter into the circle of our thoughts or maybe we just dont recognize those things as special things to do.

I have known him for several years (fyi, we goes into the same school since Elementary) and somehow, beyond my consciousness or maybe i just dont realize, he has turn into a different kind of personality. From a boy with no-control-anger-management to be a man with long-term-future planning. Not so significant change though, but i love its process. and now, we are start to thingking one step forward for the Big Plan.

But for this time, let me say some words for him :
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I might have nothing for you
But i wish you infinite prays and hopes
and let GOD make all great things happens to you
For your life, love, journey and everything
ps : mind with the spyder web, the artificial flower is from my moms old collection.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Conversation With a Best Friend

Thursday, Dec 17th 2009
tissa dwiandini: murning
tissa dwiandini: de,kmrn ultah dikasi kado apa sm ori?

Rakhmat Dharmawan: Ga ada..
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Marning..

tissa dwiandini: apa tu marning?
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Lawannya murning
tissa dwiandini: *ketawa*
tissa dwiandini: usaha yang bagus
tissa dwiandini: iya c
tissa dwiandini: gw juga kepikiran ga kasi
tissa dwiandini: mu nabung aja bwat modal kawin
tissa dwiandini: gw juga blg ke galuh "qta skrg ga usah pke kado2an deh"

Rakhmat Dharmawan: Iya lah, mending gt
Rakhmat Dharmawan: *dasar pelit lu!*

tissa dwiandini: nah elo
tissa dwiandini: kmrn ngasi apa ke ori?

Rakhmat Dharmawan: Mmhh..
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Apa ya? Lupa gw
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Kyanya nggak jg dh

tissa dwiandini: kampretoooooo
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Heheh!
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Ehh, gw promosi dong

tissa dwiandini: aseeekkkkk
tissa dwiandini: makan2
tissa dwiandini: poke sushi olyukenit

Rakhmat Dharmawan: Hihihi..
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Duh susah..
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Kartu kridit blm diaaprov soale
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Hehehe..

tissa dwiandini: emg alat pembayaran cuma kartu kredit
tissa dwiandini: itu lagian alat utang tau ga??

Rakhmat Dharmawan: Atm ngantrinya panjang chew!
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Ya kan?
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Yaaa, utang tp kan praktis
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Hohoo
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Ud gini aja..

tissa dwiandini: lo terdengar seperti temen kantor gw
tissa dwiandini: namanya l**o

Rakhmat Dharmawan: Lu doain gw bulan dpn naek banyak
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Klo iye, gw traktir dh tu sushi..
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Knapa dgn l**o ini?

tissa dwiandini: peliitttt
tissa dwiandini: *ketawa guling2*
tissa dwiandini: tp bangga dan sadar akan kepelitannya

Rakhmat Dharmawan: Siaul..
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Ga jd gw traktir nih!

tissa dwiandini: wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkk
tissa dwiandini: masi di jogja?

Rakhmat Dharmawan: Yepss!!
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Enak ya ni kota..

tissa dwiandini: kpn pulang?
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Gw suka bgt jogja
tissa dwiandini: masa?biasa aja tu
tissa dwiandini: darah jawa gw ga kentel c

Rakhmat Dharmawan: Besok malem
tissa dwiandini: *nyengir kuda*
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Dasarr.. Jawa gadungan
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Heheh

tissa dwiandini: uda beli oleh2 bwat gw???
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Mo nitip??
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Bsk acara gw jalan2 soale
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Sngaja gw pulang malem mknya

tissa dwiandini: iyaaa,,
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Nitip.. beda sama oleh2
tissa dwiandini: kan di jogja byk barang2 vintage tuh
tissa dwiandini: siaul

Rakhmat Dharmawan: *nyengir kuda*
tissa dwiandini: BELIIN kamera vintage2 gitu
tissa dwiandini: *melet*

Rakhmat Dharmawan: Kameraaa???
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Ga salah luh!!??

tissa dwiandini: engga
tissa dwiandini: analog2 gitu deeeeeee
tissa dwiandini: ayo doonnkkkk

Rakhmat Dharmawan: Haduh biyungg..
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Yg gt kan jut jut harganya

tissa dwiandini: engga koqqqq
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Gw fotoin aja kameranya
tissa dwiandini: paling ratusan
tissa dwiandini: wkwkwkwkwkwkw
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Masa sih??
tissa dwiandini: yawda beliin gw kacamata old skol aj
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Bah!!
tissa dwiandini: bwat lucu2an klo foto
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Old skol yg ky gmana tuh?
tissa dwiandini: ah susye ye ngmg sm lo
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Di itc bnyk jg kan?
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Hehehe..
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Yg spesipik dong!
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Misalkan kacamata yg dipake sama kuda gt
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Ntar gw cariin di pasar

tissa dwiandini: gembel!!!
Rakhmat Dharmawan: *ketawa ngakak*
tissa dwiandini: yawda beliin apa aja deh
tissa dwiandini: asal jgn makanan

Rakhmat Dharmawan: Yowes, rela aja dh lu..
Rakhmat Dharmawan: *Kacamata kuda ide yg bagus*

tissa dwiandini: *ngedumel* pasti yang murah2 deh dibeliin nya
tissa dwiandini: *ikon setan*

Rakhmat Dharmawan: Budgetnya buat lo 10rb aja
Rakhmat Dharmawan: *ketawa*
tissa dwiandini: gileeee,,persahabatan qta dihargain 10 rebuuuu

tissa dwiandini: *marah*
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Setaun seribu
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Hihihi..
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Ure more than just rupiah chew
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Jangan dinilai dr rupiah, yg penting gw ikhlas..
Rakhmat Dharmawan: *pelit *

tissa dwiandini: pinter ngeles yeeeeee
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Emang lu kaga?
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Sama aja bo..
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Pasar lg sepi ya?
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Bs ym an gini lo..

tissa dwiandini: hhahahaha
tissa dwiandini: no need to tell u laahhh

Rakhmat Dharmawan: Hehe..
Rakhmat Dharmawan: Asik dong, maen pesawat..
tissa dwiandini: ga ah da bosen
*to be continued*

lol,,that was funny. I am lucky to have him as my best friend. No need to say more. Just like everyone said :

Some people come into our lives and quickly go.
Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same

And thats definitely goes to what u can call a Best Friend.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009


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a gorgeous little angel has been coming to this world. Alhamdulillah!! Thank you so much GOD. and Welcome my cutie niece!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Colors Theraphy

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So,,I hope these pictures would bring you all a happiness

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Have a good day!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Evening

Went out with my silly boy....
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How about 2012's movie guys? i don't watch it yet and trust me i don't even interest with that movie. I'm waiting for Christmas Carol. Hope it'll as good as its book.
ps : my silly boy just bought Satio and i'm totally envy with him. I'm craving with Satio too since it was launched last month!!! gonna buy it soon *waiting for my latest salary and ofcourse my dad-promises-subsidiary* Finger Cross,,amin!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Still Life

As i've told before that i love still life photography. This time i made my own.

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Change Change


I'm just getting bored with the old one and hey i've got lots of photo to share, check out my Photoblog.

...i'll give u some here...

i've got something for u
Image and video hosting by TinyPic's a present

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

ps : but i'm not in the mood for photoshop so i just bring the real pics,,and more photos to come with a bit touch of photoshop i guess *pssstt,,i'm busy with Cafe World on Facebook right now,,hahaha* and thanks for my silly lovely bf who lend me his slr,,kiss kiss.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Poke Sushi

Main Course : Special Chef Salmon Salad *ordered it for million times - yiiaaayy happy all-u-can-eat time*

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Special Chef Salmon Salad

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Sashimi Combo

and when the hurricane has gone away, the only thing that left is Love
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Journey

One of my friend who like to dropping by and read my blog asked me about my previous post. He thought that i had broke up or something with my silly boy. Well,,sometimes we always have a willingness to end our journey that we may think we couldn't afford to reach the destination. we couldn't step and even walk on the road anymore. It's normal i guess. I was in a hard, difficult and complicated situation on that time. I was crying. Yes i did. And that stupid thought to just simply want-to-end my 6 years relationship was pop up in my mind. Everyone having their own type tough problem which always came again and again regularly even when its about what other might think 'it's a peanut' and i was one of people point of. I am a stubborn type. Indeed. Childish. Yes i am. Worst : egoistic at the same time. And our journey is not getting better because we both are being in not-so-long-distance-relationship right now. I always miss him everytime we were separated. I was overjoyed and happy when he was home and we finally meet. But there's always a gravel in our meet up and soon it became a conflict.
Deep down inside our heart, we knew that we do love each other more than we may expect about it. Eventho we have a quite different characters. Eventho we did a lot of fights and making lots of argument and eventho we had million difference perceptions about anything in this world. But who needs a perfect thing when you realized you are having a word called 'Love'?
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Despite the fact that i'll probably ruin something when we catch up each other. I'm still miss him. Come home quick,taaaaa,,,

Friday, October 2, 2009

Million Prays For Them

My Deep Condolence For Our Brothers and Sisters In Padang, Jambi and also Bengkulu

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Aaahhh,,holiday is almost over. How's ur day during Ied guys? Mine was great. I had gathering with my big family on the first two days of Ied and on the third day me and my parent and also my big sis and her hubby had a little trip to Pariiiiisssss Van Java,,lol. Hehehehe,,had shopping, cullinary and doing anything that so much fun plus had my third times visit to Congo Resto. Huff,,and tommorrow i have to get back to a routine activities : work. Aaarrggghh,, me still wanna have more time to relax.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beauty of Picture

What's your favorite kind of photo to see? i always love to see kind of picture that could warmth my heart when i see it. I just couldn't mention exactly the reason but it's just something that would touch your feel. I don't really like fashion photography, portrait, human interest or conceptual photography *well, i guess my brain isn't that smart to understand the meaning of those excellent type of photography stream* all i put my interest in is Still Life and Nature Photography. I couldn't stop breathtaking when i see the picture. It just beautiful. Lovely. Warmth-hearted.
I'll leave you with some of them. It's kinda hard to choose what should i post in my blog so i decided to grab it some from my favorite Flickr member. Check these out :
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Source-left to right : 1) here 2) here 3) here 4) here 5) here 6) here 7) here 8) here 9) here 10) here 11) here 12) here 13) here 14) here 15) here 16) here 17) here 18) here 19) here 20) here 21) here
ps : I'm so sorry for the complicated credit title esp. for the Flickr-ers. I just didn't find the way how to make it simpler. I've had trying to put the link directly onto the picture but it didn't work, and yes it'll be rude if i'm not make a credit.

Aren't they gorgeous? well yeah they are. Indeed. I was *and still* trying to make a good still life photo and you know what? that's not easy. I mean it. Even for just shot a single thing. I believe that what's your feeling when you're capturing something through your camera will be reflected into the result. If you're not feel your mood and emotion when your click-ing that camera button, no matter how simple the object, what you'll get is failure and people couldn't got the emotion when they see yours.
And these are the beauty of nature. well, i don't know what should i said. I just called it 'touchable-hearted photo' because all i wanna do when i seeing these is closing my eyes and imagining i'm in that place. Just bymeself which is perfect :
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
So, do u feel the same feeling like me?


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